$20 Dates for the Guy who is Broke!

$20 Dates for the Guy who is BrokeOk, so you’re a starving college student and you are broke. With the few dollars left in your pocket where can you take that new girlfriend of yours without her noticing you are strapped for cash?

Here are five dating ideas that should cost $20 or less for the entire evening. Each is something most women would find very appealing, thus making you look like a seasoned Casanova!

Concert on the Park: Every city, town or village has some sort of outdoor concert series where the public can attend for free. To make this more of a “classy” affair for your lady friend bring a bottle of wine, some cheese and grapes to make the evening very special!

Lunch at Home then a Movie: With movie tickets costing over $10 a piece it is no wonder why many people avoid going to the movie theaters as of late!

What you can do is select a matinee, where the prices are reduced, and before going to the movie make your lady friend a very nice lunch at your place before you go! This saves you on the price of popcorn and soda!

Hiking then Lunch: Take her on a hike in the morning where at the end of the trail you have a very nice picnic basket waiting for the two of you. Have some deli sandwiches, fruit and a bottle of wine… and she’ll be so pleased by your thoughtfulness!

Evening at the gym, then a bottle of wine: More than likely you both have a gym membership somewhere. Make a date of meeting at the gym, workout together and then after to workout retire to your place where you have a bottle of wine, cheese and a DVD of her favorite movie waiting for her!

Local College Theatre: All local community colleges have a theatre department that puts on plays a couple times a semester. Scout out what colleges in your area offer what plays and then make the night of it with your lady friend. One hour before the play starts have a beer and appetizer at a local pub, then off to the play!

These are just 5 ideas for dates that cost $20 or less. No matter if you are a starving college student or even a wealth business owner all of these dating ideas will impress your new lady friend!

Here’s a video from a young lady with her own ideas for inexpensive dates.  Worth checking out!


article: $20 Dates for the Guy who is Broke!

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