30 Dates in 30 days… Whew!

30 Dates in 30 daysJust came across this post I found on Yahoo that has a video about a guy who will be going on thirty dates over a period of thirty days. While this sounds like fun it does seem a bit extreme…

But wait, its not “real”, in that it’s a not real guy meeting 30 new women to take out over this very short period of time!

Instead it appears to be a promotion for the “Details Matter” app.

I have to admit this particular “app” looks very interesting as it provides all kinds of dating ideas that could prove useful to you in your dating efforts!

Here’s a snippet from “Details Matter” app website:

“Imagine having hundreds of date ideas at your fingertips, whenever,wherever. Details Matter is a ‘real time’ dating idea news feed that is relevant to you, from others like you, and relevant to everything around you. In the palm of your hand, you will have real-time access to relevant offers that pertain to you and your dating activities.”

While I am from the old school and do not use “apps” this particular app looks very useful!

Perhaps you should take a closer look to see if this would be worth using to help with your dating life!

30 Dates in 30 days… Whew!

Here’s the actual video, which was found on YouTube. Enjoy!


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