5 Cheap Dates under $30

5 Cheap Dates under $30We want to show a lady a good time, but we can’t always do so, especially after we’ve paid the bills. There must be a way to have fun with a special lady that won’t break the bank. Take heart, guys, because listed below are five fun ways to show a girl a good time on less than $30.

It’s difficult to get to know someone when you’re worried the dinner is going to cost more than your credit card balance. Here are ways you can get to know her and not worry about the cost.

1. Water

Some girls like to go fishing, while others prefer canoes or kayaks.

Some ladies like to swim, while others like to walk the beach.

Pack a picnic lunch with cheese and fruit, crackers and veggie dip, slices of ham or chicken, wine and, of course, dessert.

Bring a blanket, tunes and one flower for her.

This will cost less than $30 and it will give you time to get to know her.

Of course there is the two of you joining in on the many beach volley ball games that happen on the beach everywhere!  Certain parts of Waikiki Beach and many L.A. Beaches have sections of the beach used for this sport which often draw small crowds to watch!

2. Land

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Take the dogs and the lady to the park.

If neither of you have dogs, take a bucket of chicken, potato salad and wine.

Often, small towns have free concerts in the park.

At other times, games of softball or volleyball are offered for anyone wanting to play.

Get her involved or just walk the park and swing on the children’s swings.

She’ll have fun and you’ll learn a lot about her.

Or, how about going to the Gym together and then grabbing a couple beers afterwards. This was always one of my favorite “early in the relationship” type of dates… and the women really enjoyed this type of shared experience!

3. Air

What fascinates people about watching planes land and take off? She’ll appreciate you taking her to watch the planes. Make kites and fly them or remote planes on the beach or at the park. Take along burgers and dogs to grill for a fun day she won’t forget.

4. Food

Hit the farmer’s market or a farm where you pick your own produce. Have fun making dishes you’ve seen on TV or make up your own recipes. Working together will excite her sense of adventure and her curiosity, an unbeatable combination. And for the most part, it’s free.

5. Other Ideas

Most art galleries have food and music when they’re having an exhibition. You’ll get to know the other’s taste in art and music whiling away a lazy Sunday afternoon. She’ll love flea markets and you can argue the merits of things from silly to useful to cute puppies to the menu at the burger stand.

In Closing…

Some of the best dates I have ever been on did not involve a $200 dinner tab and tickets to the symphony! A bottle of wine at Waikiki Beach watching the waves during a full moon is right at the top!

Get creative and you can create a memorable date for you and your lady friend with little difficulty. Just make it happen!

Good luck!

article: 5 Cheap Dates under $30

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