A unique approach to dating – the Hostess Bar

hostess barI have several friends who have given up on relationships but still want to be with beautiful Asian women. They have a unique approach to dating that is exciting… but costly! Of course they will argue their approach is probably less costly in the long haul as opposed to those of us in long-term relationships or are married.

And… they seem a whole lot happier than any of my other friends who are married! What’s up with that?

First up: Paul (not his real name!). This guy is the Hostess Bar expert! He goes out to the local Korean Hostess Bars and has a young, beautiful Korean girl for as long as… he buys he drinks.

Once he stops buying her drinks she moves on to another “customer”. And, yes, sometimes he gets “lucky” and spends the night with one of these gorgeous women.

He claims it’s easier to go out on any night he wants female company, has a beautiful Asian girl give him attention and affection and when he has tired of her he just gets out of his seat and leaves.

The Pros: a large variety of women are at your disposal!

The Cons: it can be very costly on the wallet!

Next up: Stan (not his real name!). Travel is what Stan likes, preferably to Thailand or the Philippines. In these exotic locations it is very easy to meet exotic women to date and spend time with.

And, if you are not able to meet women even here, there are many options to pay for the company of a sexy young thing to be with you.

Stan travels four times a year to one of these two destinations and seems very happy with this approach to being with women. I smile every time he says to me:

Why get married and end up with a wife who doesn’t appreciate me and is a bitch! I look forward to my trips because I am able to spend time with much younger women who are very sexy and treat me like a king!! Women here, who are my age (early 50’s) look like shit!

The Pros: travel to an exotic location where exotic women await!

The Cons: loneliness between trips.

A unique approach to dating – the Hostess Bar

In conclusion, the above mentioned hostess bar approach will only work if your city has them and they are legal. Cities with the most high quality hostess bars are Vegas, L.A. and Honolulu.

The Thailand option is just a matter of buying some airline tickets, doing some research and then getting your ass on the plan. I think you will come back with a huge smile on your face but a much lighter wallet!

These two options to dating beautiful Asian women are truly worth considering!

Here’s a video showing information on Hostess Bars. Enjoy.


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