Addicted to Hostess Bars?

Addicted to Hostess Bars?I ran into a friend from years ago who was really into going to Korean hostess bars. He was so into this that I would classify him as being addicted to hostess bars. Having visited a number of these during my earlier years I can certainly see why this happens, after all, the women who work in these establishments are truly beautiful and available… for a price!

My friend, whom I have not seen for over five years, apparently married one of these ladies and is now paying the price.


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Exactly how you may be asking? Well, the women who work at these establishments do not have a normal view point regarding relationships;

…and their active participation to keep said relationships healthy and engaging is based on their selfish needs.

These very beautiful and exotic ladies are from Korea and for years most of them have been milking men for money via the Korean hostess bar circuit.

They very quickly start to view men as a walking wallet and nothing more. It is the poor and unfortunate misinformed guy who takes a liking to one of these ladies and ends up broke and heartbroken!

Fifteen or twenty years ago I used to go to one Korean bar with a group of friends because the women were eye candy and the beers were cheap! Needless to say, it becomes very easy to hook-up with one of these ladies and become one of their valued customers. That’s right… “customer”!


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Of course, after visiting this one particular establishment over a period of months, you start to see the same guys sitting with the same Korean bar maids buying them drinks. Usually these drinks cost the guy $20 to $30 per pop!! Unfortunately, some of these guys start to think they actually have real relationships developing with these women. And that is truly sad to see.

Addicted to Hostess Bars?What these guys are aware of is that these ladies have numerous clients, and each of these clients are actively trying to get these ladies into bed. Some of them succeed and some fail.

The true indicator of success is how much you are willing to spend… and usually on a recurring or monthly basis!

Most of the guys that frequent a Korean Bar, based on my observations, are usually older, perhaps in their late 40s to mid-sixties, are married and probably bored with their aging wives.

And thus want some excitement in their lives. Very understandable!

But often what ends up happening is that these guys are so into meeting a new KB girl every time they visit their favorite Korean hostess bar that their already boring marriage starts to really take a nose dive. Soon, many of these guys end up going through a costly divorce, resulting in the breakup of their families and ruining the relationships they have with their kids, all for the affections of a young, sexy, exotic… parasite!

Knowing several guys whom have gone this road it is often too late before they wake up and realize they are just being played by these women. With their bank accounts in ruin due to a costly divorce, and the ever escalating financial demands placed upon them by these hostess bar chicks they think they have a real relationship with, it is no wonder they often emotionally implode after a period of time!!


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In Closing…

Frequent Korean Hostess Bars if you want the occasional diversion from life. Enjoy the attentions of a beautiful Asian girl for an hour or two… then leave. Don’t get caught up in their games and attempts to lead you to believe they are truly interested in you. For if you do, it will be your wallet and emotions that will take a significant hit!

But, man, it can be so, so addicting… these beautiful Korean ladies!


article: Addicted to Hostess Bars?

updated: June 15, 2016

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