Advice from a 98 year old woman FOR MEN

old womanI was stuck at a children’s birthday party for a friends son this past weekend; and being I was one of the few people there who spoke English I was somewhat relegated to the far corner of the pool house. Sitting next to me, somewhat bored herself was the great grandmother of the birthday boy. She is 98 years old she tells me immediately as I sit down and before I could even introduce myself.

Her age kind of surprised me in that she looked to be… in her early 70s; and in fact she looked better than the other woman who were in fact much, much younger than her that were in attendance. Being that she was the only native English speaker in the room I could see that we would only have each other to converse with until the party ended. Her name was Gladys.

After about 20 minutes of introductions and conversation I told her about my web magazine, of which she was very curious.

During the course of our brief conversation it turned out she is quite the “pistol” and is very blunt in what she has to say, holding nothing back in regards to her opinions on just about everything and anything.

I guess being 98 years old comes with a great deal of life experience in just about every aspect of life!!.

Considering here age she has lived to witness WWI, the Great Depression, WWII, the Korean War, the Vietnam War, 19 U.S. Presidents and the raise and fall of the U.S. Auto industry… whew!!

She was very curious about this particular web magazine, of which she was equally curious about the “web” as well as the topic of how men can be a better success with women. I guessed she had very limited experience with the internet – I wonder why 😉

After a brief description of what this web magazine is about I couldn’t help myself and needed to ask her what she thought of “dating” and if she could give any advice to men on how to be more successful with women. While her answer was short and to the point, it was very much right on the mark.

According to Gladys, men today lack class and charisma. She stated that men dress like they are low level “ditch diggers” when going to their jobs. She also said:  “few men, especially the younger men, seem to have their life together like they did when she was younger.”

When she was in her early 30’s WWII had just ended and “real men” came home from the war, got married, started a family and spent their remaining years taking care of their families. She said these men were “men, real men”… her exact words.

She added that in today’s world so many men are weak, unable to hold a job or act like they are women (feminine). Given her rather lengthy history on this planet and her countless interactions with many different types of men over the decades she says she is [easyazon-image align=”right” asin=”148269977X” locale=”us” height=”300″ src=”” width=”200″]ashamed of what the average American man has morphed into.

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Her advice to men:   Stop being weak and do what needs to be done to take care of your family.

In my day“, she says, “that’s what women wanted. We wanted a strong MAN who could take care of us, protect us and provide for his family.”

So if you are a single guy looking for a lady to settle down with her advice is as good today as it was when she was 32. Women want MEN!… not weak beta males.

Want to attract a sexy lady? Then become a confident and self-assured man who is moving his life forward and has the desire and ability to take care of those he loves. That’s what all women want! Whether it be 1946… or 2013!

Now go and make some changes in your life before it’s too late!

Here’s a video from someone with a slightly different opinion. Enjoy the video!


article: Advice from a 98 year old woman for men!

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