Another Change-Up to My Workout Routine

Another Change-Up to My Workout RoutineIn an effort to get more fit and be as healthy as I can possibly be I am at times looking to change up my workout routine. If you are trying to stay fit, as we all know the ladies prefer VERY FIT men; then you are probably doing the same thing! After all, there is nothing nicer to hear than a woman tell you that you have an incredible body!

In a previous post I mentioned that I was going to pursue a 3 day a week full body workout routine, usually Monday, Wednesdays and Fridays. The previous workout routine prior to that was a two day a week approach.

My goal with the three day/week routine was to escalate my fitness level and hopefully put on more lean muscle.

I can say that about three weeks into this three day routine I did start to see better results.

Then, as to be expected, I started to have problems with the muscles in my upper back and neck.

This has been an issue for me over the past couple of years, mostly due to my not recognizing that I may be overtraining my body and not recovering as I should.

This problem with my back and neck does become significant enough where I get very bad headaches at night (tension headaches caused from the injured muscles in my upper back/neck).

Even more of a concern is when it becomes difficult to even do any type of weight training after a while because the strained muscle in my neck seem to cause a very sharp and very intense pain in my head. When this occurs it feels like I am having an aneurism!!

My New Workout Routine is my Old Workout Routine!

[easyazon-image align=”right” asin=”1594860009″ locale=”us” height=”350″ src=”” width=”250″]I usually cycle in a “HIT” program for a period of time and I think this is the time to do so. “HIT” is an acronym for High Intensity Training.

If you are not familiar with HIT then you may want to do some research on Mike Mentzer, the pro bodybuilder who swears by this particular method of building muscle.

In reading Mentzer’s book, and a few others on the topic, the basics are very simple: workout less often, focus on the intensity of the workout and get enough rest to fully recover prior to your next workout.

For me, this translates to ONE weekly workout, where I focus on intensity to stimulate muscle growth and strength. The other six days of the week I STAY AWAY from the gym and do one hour of fast walking for my cardio daily.

When following this HIT program in the past I did notice more muscle growth after a period of possible overtraining.

I was also very motivated to get into the gym each week as being away from the gym helps with not getting bored with hitting the weights as like before, three days a week.

Plus, my workouts are brief, usually less than 45 minutes, and then I am off to do other things with my life for the next 6 days.

Want to get VERY FIT to attract the women? Want women to compliment your physique? Don’t want to be living in the gym? Then I would highly recommend HIT for your workout plan… because it works!

article: Another Change-Up to My Workout Routine

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