Approaching a woman when they are with friends?

Approaching a womanApproaching a woman with her friends in public? It can be easier than you think. Approaching a woman with friends can seem like a daunting task for someone who isn’t very outgoing to begin with.However, the truth is such a public meeting can often be easier than a one-on-one meeting.

The first thing to remember with such a situation is to be yourself. Walk up to the group and the woman you are interested in with confidence. Make sure to make eye contact within the first few minutes, and also make sure to converse with her friends along with her.

Once you’ve become comfortable and made initial attempts to introduce and converse with her friends, it is time to start directing your attention towards this woman.

What is the topic of conversation? How can you use that topic, or introduce others to steer things your way and get her positive attention?

By now, you have finally captured her attention if she is at all interested in you. However, your job is not over. You have to keep that attention for an indefinite amount of time, and work on the next steps in your game plan.

When will you meet her again? Do you feel confident enough to make a date with her right now, or perhaps another uncommitted meeting at this venue or another?

Answering these questions and more can help steer you in the direction you want to head.

At this point, you do not want to fail to pay attention to her friends. Note the friends she seems to like and respect, and if at all possible get to know them as “friends”.

Such a move will show confidence and could even show off your social abilities to make you more attractive to her.

Approaching a woman when they are with friends?

Do her friends have common interests similar to both you and her? How could one or more of her friends help create a positive situation for you to continue your relationship with this woman?

Social activities, hobbies, and anything that people tend to do together is what you want to think about now.

So you have broken the ice with her and her friends. You have created a loosely knit strategy for future encounters with this girl.

Now it is time to act! Do not leave the party without getting a phone number or more. If you left a good impression, this will certainly not be the last time you meet this woman.

Approaching a woman is easy… it’s the need to develop attraction and interest on her part that is the challenge!

Here’s an interesting video on approaching women.  Enjoy!


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