Approaching Women in Bars!

Approaching Women in BarsAs I have said in several previous posts I have had a great deal of success over the years in meeting women in bars and nightclubs! These are the very places you will find young, sexy and provocative women who are looking to meet men to have a good time with.

Approaching women in bars can be intimidating, but only if you let it be intimidating. A confident and strong guy who knows he brings value to any conversation should experience little discomfort when approaching a group of women.

As we have seen over the past several years there are a number of “pick-up” artists who have their own unique way of approaching and attracting women.

Each of these guys really does not offer anything different from the next self proclaimed pick-up artist;   but they do have their unique styles that may help them become more of a success with women than the average guy.

Here is a video of one such pick-up artist describing his technique on approaching women in bars.  Enjoy the video!


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