Approaching women in coffee shops!

Approaching women in coffee shopsOn the surface approaching a woman in a coffee shop seems like a no brainer. Usually on any given day any local Starbucks is crowded…  with numerous patrons being very attractive ladies! But, is this the best place to meet women?

Come to think about it the last time I was at my corner Starbucks there were many sexy ladies enjoying their coffee while conversing with friends. For the more bold pick up artist this could be very fertile ground.

Coffee Shops are Like Bars

Venture into any coffee shop at 9 p.m. and you will find people enjoying the music, conversation and espresso.

Often these places are occupied by people who come alone, open their laptop and “people watch” for an hour or two.

Many of these people watchers are women who seek to be out in a public place and absorb the atmosphere.

It is this single and “alone” woman that would prove to be the best target for the adventurous pick up artist.

I kind of think of these coffee shops as non-alcoholic bars.

Just like a bar or nightclub people come to enjoy the atmosphere and not be alone. The only real difference is that coffee is served instead of alcohol.

Approaching a Woman becomes a Spectator Sport

So you are drinking your latte and you spot a beautiful blond sitting across the coffee shop from you. You get up, straighten your tie and get up the nerve to walk over to her table and introduce yourself.

The problem, you quickly realize, is that unlike a bar or nightclub, every move and dialogue you have with this women will be watched by just about everyone in the shop! This could prove embarrassing and intimidating, all at the same time!

At a nightclub you have a crowded place with loud music that hides your intentions. If you should be rejected almost no one sees it or even cares as they are probably drunk or dancing. Conversely, here at your local Starbucks shop, everyone is sitting and conversing, but also people watching… which means they are all watching YOU approach this woman.

Now that’s something to think about!

Here’s a video that shows an accomplished pick up artist as he approaches a woman in a coffee shop. Watch and learn as for even an experienced pick up artist approaching woman at a coffee shop can be a challenge! Enjoy the video!


article: Approaching women in coffee shops!

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