Approaching Women in Restaurants

Approaching Women in RestaurantsThe idea of approaching women in restaurants seems kind of a fool’s game to me. But, there are those who find a restaurant setting to be fertile ground for meeting some very sexy ladies.

Think about it for a minute and reflect on the number of times you were at a nice Italian restaurant, or upscale steakhouse, and saw some very gorgeous women enjoying their pricy meals!

These restaurants are usually full of beautiful women all the time!!

Approaching Women in Restaurants – Is it Possible?

That’s a fair question to ask! I honestly can not say it would be easy to walk up to a table where two very attractive women are enjoying their meal, only to somehow engage myself into their private conversation.

Just doesn’t seem very practical and borders on being downright rude.

However, if you are eating by yourself or with another male friend and you are getting some serious eye contact from a lady across the room… well, then it would be ok.

But even so, there would have to be some kind of obvious sign she would be welcoming of a visit to her table by you!

To this day I have never seen a guy ever approach a woman enjoying her meal at a restaurant. Never. The bar of a restaurant… well that’s a different animal all together; but never when a woman is seated at her table.

Something Worth Considering

Should you have the courage to saunter over to the cute blonde enjoying her filet I certainly give you credit! It takes a great deal of courage to walk up to a restaurant table where two people are enjoying their meals and interject yourself into their private little world.

Approaching Women in RestaurantsNot only are you injecting yourself into their conversation but you are interfering with their meal – usually a pricy meal at that! To add more pressure to the situation you are going to be watched by just about everyone in the restaurant as you make this approach.

In essence you will have an audience of many seated patrons of the restaurant who may enjoy the encounter more than you! Why, you ask. You will provide a temporary form of entertainment when you are being rejected and walk back to your table with your tail between your legs with a bruised ego… and that could be fun to watch!

Since most women do not eat alone they will have a friend or two who may prove challenging to deal with as you are also interrupting their meal as well! Hmmm…

Also, if you are sitting at your table how would she determine if she were in fact interested in you. There is a risk in assuming there is any attraction on her part at all. Like I just stated, you are sitting across the dinning room, some 50 feet away.

Here is something from to substantiate this:

“According to a recent BBC article, most experts say that 55% of the impression we get from another human being comes from body language, 38% from the “tone, speed and inflection” of our voice and only 7% from what we actually say. This being the case, approaching women doesn’t revolve around words so much as it does behavior, which is why it can become a very tricky subject.”

You just sitting at a table will not be enough to initiate any form of attraction on her part… just my opinion.

Of Course, Lightning Can Strike Twice!

This is not to think that some guys can’t make this work for them. If there is enough eye Approaching Women in Restaurantscontact between yourself and the young lady that makes you feel comfortable enough to make the approach, well, … just go for it.

What you want to make sure is in place are the “tells” such as the above mentioned eye contact or her walking by your table when she really needn’t do so, or both she and her friend keep glancing over at you. You get my drift, right?

While I have had numerous women approach me in my younger days I can honestly say it never happened at a restaurant. And I never, ever saw any guy try to pick up women at a restaurant either. Never! And I was out enjoying many meals in some very nice eateries over a period many years.

In Closing

My opinion on approaching women in restaurants is that there are better places to meet women. Restaurants, nice restaurants that is, are places to take women for a good meal and conversation. Meeting women is much more doable when you are socially engaged with the woman instead of being seated some fifty feet apart.

Here’s an interesting video on the topic of approaching women. Enjoy the video!


Approaching Women in Restaurants

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