Are Beta Males the Best Guys for a Stable Marriage?

Are Beta Males the Best Guys for a Stable MarriageI was having a conversation with a bunch of guys the other day about what type of guy makes the best husband material. So the question became: Are Beta Males the Best Guys for a Stable Marriage?

My answer: NO! I am your typical confident and self-assured guy; I own a small business, have a solid career position, am extremely fit, have a great life in Hawaii… and, I wear the pants in my family!

I have found that women respond favorably to strong men. If you are the type of guy who considers himself to be an alpha male you probably have minor squabbles in your marriage due to normal relationship tensions that come and go.

You already know women need their men to be… MEN!

Your job as the man of the household is to be the provider, be able to fix things and to protect your family from harm!

Conversely the beta male looks to his girlfriend/wife to be the dominant one, which in itself creates issues between the two people in the relationship.

A woman will quickly lose respect for the beta male, thus causing resentment and dissatisfaction for the woman targeted towards the weak man.

These feelings of resentment grow over time and start to manifest themselves into abusive behavior towards the man.

Being on the receiving end of this disrespectful behavior the beta male will become even weaker in the eyes of the woman.

The weaker male will acquiesce and relinquish the leadership role in the relationship to the wife/girlfriend where it continues to spiral to a point of no return.

After a period of time the woman in the relationship becomes increasingly abusive and may even seek out other men for intimacy.

What’s funny is that many men start out fun, strong and self assured when first dating a woman; but as time goes on the women assumes control and almost cuckolds their husbands/boyfriends.

That’s when men become dissatisfied with the women they are with. But, the real issue is that deep down within themselves they may be just as dissatisfied with what they have become: the beta male!

Here is an interesting video on beta males. Enjoy the video!


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