Are older men invisible to younger women?

Are older men invisible to younger womenWhile it is somewhat normal to see an older guy with a much younger girl I can truly say I do not come across it very often. Of course, being an older gentleman myself (52) I find myself often leering at the young twenty-something’s all the time!

For the few guys I have known who have successfully dated or even married much younger women it usually boils down to factors that help determine if she will pick an older male. If you think you now what I am about to say you are probably right.

Here we go:


That’s the obvious answer and the one thing we all associate with older men being with younger women.

If the girl is incredibly sexy and beautiful then why would she select an older man if he is, well… old and has a pot belly?

Normally she wouldn’t be attracted to that at all!

But, if he has money, and more importantly “money to spend on her”, then she may be able to get into this relationship as long as the gravy-train keeps flowing.

Of course, once the money stops she will drop him like a hot potato!

Social Status!

While social status usually accompanies a man with money sometimes a male with high social status may be less wealthy than people think. Take for example small time city politicians or restaurant owners.

[easyazon-image align=”right” asin=”0962067172″ locale=”us” height=”250″ src=”” width=”170″]Often these guys look like they have the world by the tail, have the media chasing them and put on a good show in front of others. But what is often under the hood is a guy who may have financial debts or business failures not as readily apparent.

Yet, despite this, many young ladies like to be with these men because they still seem to be of high social standing, thus they are very attracted to the lime light and attention these type of men bring to the table.

However, these type of relationships usually don’t last, just due to the fact the attention the guy receives slowly dies away and all she is left with is an old man with no money. See ya Charlie!

Where the young ladies like older men!

However, there is a place where older men are sought after by very attractive younger women! This place is called the Philippines! I have known several older men in their 50s and 60s who have traveled to the Philippines to meet and marry much younger Filipinas!

If you do not believe me do yourself a favor and Google a guy by the name of Art Bell (a radio host) who was in his early 60s and married a very young Filipina, who, if memory serves me right, was only in her early twenties!

Now that’s got me thinking! Hmmm….

Here’s a video on the topic of younger women dating older women. Enjoy the video!


article: Are older men invisible to younger women?

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