Are Women Attracted to FAT Men?

Are Women Attracted to FAT MenIn a word:   No.   However there are women out there who do prefer the larger men because it may be a fetish of theirs, or possibly there is some sort of deep emotional connection to one particular guy (and he happens to be “fat”). Or, more than likely he has a fat wallet he shares with her 😉

Do me a favor today and look around you throughout your day and try to spot the couples amongst all the people you see. As you do this make note of the size of the man and the woman he is with.

Also, just for fun, take a harder look at these couples and size up the quality of the guy; ie: how they dress, carry themselves and if they look clean and presentable.

My buddy and I did this several months back as we were in Waikiki drinking beers overlooking the main drag where everyone shops.

What we were looking for were couples where the man was fat and the woman attractive… and not necessarily super attractive, just attractive.

Over the course of three beers, which equated to just under two hours of people watching, we counted an unbelievable number of couples where the men were “fat”;

…and of course, most of these men, like 95%, were Americans or Canadians!

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Lets just say we stopped counting when we got up to a count of 300… and that was only in the first 45 minutes!!

Are Women Attracted to FAT Men? Hell NO!!

Now to the answer we are waiting for! How many of the fat men were partnered with an “attractive” woman? Six. That’s right… six! Out of the hundreds of “fat man couples” only six had attractive women as their partner!

[easyazon-image align=”right” asin=”B000TG8D6I” locale=”us” height=”300″ src=”” width=”300″]Are women attracted to fat men? Yes, but they are usually fat themselves and not women we men would desire to be with.

As a matter of fact most of the women that were with these fat men were disgusting! Certainly not women that could find a very fit and attractive guy to be with.

The lesson here: If you want to be with a sexy lady that really turns you on and you would be proud to have on your arm then you need to get fit and in very good shape!

Why? Because beautiful and sexy ladies do not sleep with fat pigs! Only fat nasty women do.

Here’s a video on the topic you may find very interesting! Enjoy the video.


Article: Are Women Attracted to fat Men?

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