Are women attracted to muscular men?

Are women attracted to muscular menAre you kidding me? What kind of question is that! Of course they are attracted to muscular and fit men. But… and a big “but” here… there are certain types of muscular men that are a turn off to women!

With approximately 70% of all American men being overweight, with 30% being classified as obese very fit and muscular men are starting to become a rarity nowadays. As a result women have fewer high quality men to select from.

If you are smart then you would take this knowledge and get yourself in the gym and get fit… and I mean REALLY FIT!

That way you stand out from all the other men because they are substandard and fat!

So just how many men in the general population of the USA are considered “very fit”?

And I mean very fit, with 10% body fat or less, well defined muscles and an enhanced cardiovascular ability! I would put that number at 5 to 8%.

In a quick impromptu poll of women who work in my office, which is about 16 women in total, I passed around three different pictures (see the three pics below) and I asked them which of the three do they find the most physically appealing.


Without any surprise they picked the “fit six-pack ab” guy over the “overweight male” and the “bodybuilder guy”! Why, you ask?

The “overweight male” was just not appealing. Most of the women said he looked like he would probably smell and be a lazy guy. Ten of women said they found him “gross” and were disgusted by his weight. One woman called him “pathetic”.

806889_s11783515_s17626219_sThe “bodybuilder guy”, according to the women, was too self-absorbed in his body, and they all thought he would be on steroids and other muscle building drugs.

Most of the women just were not attracted to the size and definition of the muscles. Too bad for the bodybuilder, as most build their bodies in an effort to attract women and to be more imposing to other men.

The “fit six pack ab guy” was an overwhelming favorite with all but one woman finding him very attractive. They “loved” his abs and overall healthy appearance.

Two of the women wished they could have their husbands look like this guy! The one woman who was less enthused likes her men a little less fit looking, but not like the other two sample pictures she was shown.

And if that was not enough of an indicator for you here is a snippet from MensHealth that I think reaffirms the message here:

New research out of UCLA confirms: Women are attracted to muscular guys. A series of six studies found that muscular guys are catnip to women looking for fun, and they have twice as many partners as average Joes and weaklings.

Those muscles also tell women to forget about their man at home — at least for a night. The research showed that 32 percent of men defined as muscular are twice as likely to have been with a woman while she was in a relationship.

In conclusion… Men who are very fit and muscular have the very distinct advantage over men who are fat and out of shape. If you are a guy who is fifty can you just imagine how this would impact your dating life? You being the VERY fit 50 year old would have a HUGE advantage over the potbellied guys seeking to be with the same ladies you are vying for!

Something to think about!

Here’s a video I think you will find very interesting on this very topic, but with a study saying women are attracted to chubby men. Enjoy the video!


article: Are women attracted to muscular men?


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