Arrogant Beautiful Women… Yuck!

Arrogant Beautiful Women… Yuck!I attended a meeting today where there was this one striking woman who was just incredibly beautiful in attendance. Her skin was flawless, her look exotic and her vibe… intoxicating!! But, what a self absorbed, self important bitch she was!

Arrogant beautiful women are easy to spot. They are very attractive and usually surrounded by those who feel lucky enough to be in their company. Usually these “hangers-on” are less-than-attractive women and effeminate men.

After the meeting ended I could see that just about every guy in the room was very attracted to her as well as very intimated by her at the same time.

For me, all she had to do was open her mouth and speak in a slightly condescending way to all in the room and any attraction I had for her turned to repulsion.

A couple of hours after this morning’s meeting my friend, who was also at this meeting, emails me a link to numerous YouTube videos where she is modeling bikinis and high-end fashion in an attempt to attract modeling contracts.

I don’t now why, but the way she came across at our earlier morning meeting in conjunction with these YouTube videos of her trying to act sexy just royally turned me off.

Having dated many very beautiful sexy women over the years I do understand that a truly beautiful woman can have any guy she wants.

She can get the attention of both men and women very easily. And, she often will have an easier life than those less attractive. All because of her extreme beauty!

For me, regardless of the woman’s beauty, if she is selfish and full of herself I immediately lose any attraction for her. Seriously!

Here’s another guy’s observation on this as well from

“…judging from the things she said and how she treated others, Allison didn’t just think that she was mesmerizingly beautiful, she acted as if she were royalty. Her most salient accomplishment, other than having the luck to be born beautiful, was completing the first year at a local community college. That’s good, but hardly reason to act like royalty.

Some attributes, such as intelligence or a magnetic personality, often last throughout life. In contrast, beauty is relatively ephemeral. With each passing decade, the proportion of beautiful women drops off so rapidly that few women are considered beautiful by the time they reach the age of 40.”

So, are beautiful women worth pursuing? Yes! Just not the arrogant ones who feel they are to be worshipped by all those around her!

article: Arrogant Beautiful Women… Yuck!

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