How to attract women you already know.

How to attract women you already knowSo you have this lady you have known for some time and she considers you a friend. Or worse yet she looks at you only as an “acquaintance”!! How do you get her to see you differently? How do you get her to be attracted to you?

What you need to do is to have her see you in a different light. If she sees you only as a friend you must have some reason to now see you in a new romantic way. But how?… you are thinking. Here’s what you need to do.


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Number One: Become more of an alpha male. Work on your confidence, physique and “presence”.

Be the man all women want a man to be. If she is only looking at you like you are a friend then you are probably not a true alpha male… in her eyes.

Number Two: get busy living your life. Become an interesting guy. Be the guy others want to be like.

Join clubs, take on a new hobby and create new friendships. That’s when this particular lady, that probably always thought you were boring, will start to notice you are a guy she may want to spend time with.

Number Three: Act differently around her. Be the guy who is attentive but yet mysterious. Spend time around her but don’t make her the point of being with the group she is part of. When a chance to flirt with her appears do so, then pull away.

In essence you will be somewhat reinventing yourself to be the man all woman want you to be… “she” will want you to be… in order for her to be interested in you romantically. I can guarantee you are not what she is looking for now, but with some changes, as those recommended above, she will see you in a very different, but positive light.


article: How to attract women you already know.

updated: June 13, 2016

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