What is Your Most Attractive Feature?

What is Your Most Attractive FeatureJust about everyone knows what their most attractive feature is. I mean, look in the mirror and take a good look at your face, hair and physique… what do you see? And why is this important to know?

Knowing what your best feature is, and equally important your least favorite feature(s) can help guide you in being more attractive to women. If you are thinking your face is your best feature, and others agree with you, then you would be considered a handsome man.

If you are of average looks but have a chiseled physique with six pack abs your “physique” is your best feature.

It can even get more “micro” in that perhaps it is not your face but your eyes that give you a certain appealing look.

Or perhaps it is your six pack abs that give your entire frame an athletic appearance, thus is truly your best feature.

However, just looking in the mirror at your reflection can be somewhat misleading.

I was dating a very attractive model wannabe when I was in my early 30s and she had this big hang-up about her nose.

She was a tall and exotic Chinese girl who happened to be gorgeous. Unfortunately for her she felt she was ugly… because of her nose!

What is Your Most Attractive Feature?

One day she goes to a photo shoot and the makeup artist applies her makeup a little differently than usual due to dark lighting they were using. When looking at the finished photos after the shoot she all of a sudden noticed that her nose looked different, looked better, of which she credited the makeup artist for the different way she applied her facial makeup.

[easyazon-image align=”right” asin=”0060191449″ locale=”us” height=”300″ src=”http://ecx.images-amazon.com/images/I/512PYWH40WL.jpg” width=”200″]To me, after looking at the photos, she looked… the same. But since this was the first time she saw herself in still pictures as opposed to just looking in the “mirror” I think she really had a chance to see what she really looked like instead of just focusing on her nose in the mirror!

So let me ask you a quick question: what is your most attractive feature? What part of your body do you think makes you look appealing? How can you use this feature when meeting women? Questions only you can answer.

Conversely, what is your worst feature? Do you have big ears? A big belly? Yellow teeth? You will, in most cases, be able to correct or enhance these “bad features”, especially today with all the cosmetic surgery available just about everywhere there is electricity.

This article is just to get you thinking about your physical appearance and to truly think about what a woman may find physically appealing about you. The next step would be for you to take it one more step and wear clothes that make you look good. Then even one step further and start working on getting very fit!


article: What is Your Most Attractive Feature?

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