Be a Happy Guy and Women Will Notice!

how to attract womenIt’s true! Be a happy guy and women will notice! Women want to be around men who are fun, intriguing and have a sense of adventure. Women, especially the truly beautiful ones, don’t want to be around men who are negative and see everything in a pessimistic way.

The next time you are amongst a large group of people take a look at the few guys who seem to have women around them. What you will notice is that they are usually laughing, smiling and having fun interactions with the people around them.

Translation: they are HAPPY!

Now take another look and you will see many men standing by themselves, fearful of speaking to anyone and praying someone will walk up to them and acknowledge they are alive!

More likely than not these guys are unhappy and share the common trait amongst themselves of “low self-esteem”!

Everyone likes to be with other people who make them comfortable, has a friendly disposition and is genuinely happy with themselves and the general situation they are currently sharing.

The guys who are negative will give off vibes of: STAY AWAY!

Be a happy guy and women will notice!

So the question needs to be asked? Are you a happy person? Do you look at things in such a way that people want to join you in your efforts? Do you attract or repel people? Are you happy with life?

Heck, are you happy with YOURSELF?

How to Attract Women? Be a Happy Guy!!

If you answered that you are negative and unhappy your chances of meeting attractive greatly diminish! Here are three key things you can start doing now to help you find happiness in your life:

ONE:  Make a conscious effort to look at the positive things in your life!

TWO:  Make considerable effort to make new friendships.

THREE:  Realize you are not a victim and that you are accountable for the quality of your life!

FOUR:  Actively “plan” your social life so you are engaged with other people.

So if you are perplexed with how to attract women then the first step is become that happy guy who seems to always have women around him!

Here’s a video that talks about “How to become happy!”


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