Beautiful women are slowly vanishing!

Beautiful women are slowly vanishingYes, it is true! Beautiful women are slowly vanishing here in the USA. If you have not noticed this trend over the past ten to fifteen years then you certainly have not been paying attention!

I am not talking about women in their early twenties, although they are also starting to “go away” as well; but primarily speaking to women in the age group of 30 to 40!

When I think back to the mid 1980s women in this age group looked a whole lot more appealing!

They were fit, dressed attractively in dresses or business suits and could look great in a bikini!

Sadly, for most women of today in this same age group this is not the case anymore.

The vast majority of women over the age of thirty are overweight (or even obese!!), look tired and are genuinely less appealing than those of just twenty years ago!

The culprit of this problem is obesity! That’s right! American women are getting BIG!!

Studies have shown that over the next upcoming 20 years as many as 60% of Americans will be overweight to morbidly obese!

According to the website Livestrong:

“Over one-third of the adult population of the United States is considered obese, according to the 2005 to 2008 National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey. This is a staggering statistic, especially when you consider that an additional third is considered to be overweight. While obesity is not an exclusively American problem, it’s an epidemic.”

I am a very fit guy, thus I am within the healthy ranges of my BMI (Body Mass Index). I do cardio every day, weight train two or three days a week and eat very healthy.

At 52 years of age, when I see women of my age, I would rather just stay single…

… as most women in their late forties to early fifties all look like CRAP!

If I were still single, without a doubt I would be looking at much younger women here in the USA or I would be looking for Asian women from Japan or China, as they are all thin, very attractive and take care of themselves!

What am I talking about?! I did just that! I married a very beautiful woman from Japan!

At 44 she looks as good if not better than most women from the USA who are in their late twenties!

Beautiful women are slowly vanishing! Yes, they are. But if you think out of the box and learn how to attract women you will better your chances of meeting the type of woman you truly desire!

Here is a video that discusses the American obesity problem. Enjoy the video!


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