Best Places to Live to Meet Women

Best Places to Live to Meet WomenAs I write this post I can think of two places that I think are the best places to live to meet women. But one of cities did not make this list only because I am judging the US cities on this list based on having more women than men residing within their city limits.

That’s right; if you want to better your odds of dating a sexy lady then I would head to one of these cities where the women outnumber the men!! Not only do you want there to be more women than men you also want a vibrant city to enjoy where there are jobs, social activities and low crime.

Here are the top five cities worth checking out as the best places to live to meet women!

#1 – Washington, D.C. This city has approximately 40,000 more women than men. It also is one of the “centers of wealth” for the United States as many wealthy individuals seem to reside here. Washington has many, many well educated and sexy women to choose from just due to the fact that it is our nation’s capital where there are high paying jobs and very powerful people.

#2 – El Paso, Texas. This city has over 20,000 more women than men… and this is NOT a large city! Heck, much of southern Texas has a shortage of men. Not sure why, but the numbers don’t lie. Also, Texas seems to be to top spot in this country for jobs and economic opportunity. So get you plane ticket, your resume and practice your pick-up lines; you’re going to be busy!!

#3 – New York City, New York. There is an anticipated 180,000 more women than men in NYC. Let me repeat this: There is an anticipated 180,000 more women than men in NYC. Need I say more?! Excellent night life. Excellent restaurants. Excellent diversified community. Plus, one of the best places to live to meet women!!

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#4 – Chicago, Illinois. This Midwest hub makes this list only because it has 40,000 more women than men. The crime in this city is a problem coupled with the corrupt political scene. If you live in the Midwest and want to meet women then venture over the Chicago… just make sure you wear a bullet proof vest!

#5 – Tokyo, Japan. I had to put this one in here because the women are truly beautiful, with few being even a little overweight! If you are a western man you will have the upper hand over most Japanese men as many Japanese girls prefer a non-Japanese guy! Trust me when I say this: it is easy to meet women in Tokyo!!!

In Conclusion…

These are the top five best places to live to meet women! If you are in a dating slump then there is no better place to move to than these five very exciting cities!!

I almost forgot… the other city I think is EXCELLENT when it comes to places to meet women: Honolulu, Hawaii. Need I say more?!!!

article: Best Places to Live to Meet Women

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