Best places to meet older women!

Best places to meet older women!If you are anything like me then you may have some interest in meeting and dating older ladies. The question that often comes up is where are the best places to older women?!

Well, in my experiences with dating numerous, very attractive and sexy women who were at least ten years older than myself, here are my top three places where you will have a fairly easy time encountering these type of women.

Number One: Fundraising Events!   Most well educated and beautiful older women attend several fundraising events every year.

For me this has always been the easiest place to start a conversation with a woman who is dressed well for the evening and perhaps has had a drink or two.

Try to look for events that are held outdoors where there is a lot of time to mingle and mix with the other guests.

To find such an event contact several large non-profit organizations in your town and ask what events they have on their calendars for the upcoming year. It’s as simple as that!

This was my favorite way of meeting older attractive ladies!

Number Two: Upscale Health Clubs!   Every city has a couple gyms that are geared for the affluent people in that area. Having been a member at a few of these I found that the attractive older women of my fine city were active members and worked out often.

While trying to pickup women in the gym can be a challenging proposition it is doable. If you are a younger man who is fit and takes care of himself the slightly older woman may take an interest in you!

Some of these high-end gyms offer social events where they give their members the chance to mingle with each other; that’s probably the best opportunity to start a conversation with one of these older beauties.


Number Three: Upscale Retail Stores!!   If you spend the day shopping at Macy’s or Nordstrom’s or Bloomingdales you can’t help but encounter some truly beautiful and

elegant older women doing their weekly grind of shopping for themselves. Having once been a buyer at one of these stores I found it very easy to start a conversation with any of these woman that easily would lead to a quick coffee date.

Many of these women are shopping because they are bored and would be open to a nice conversation with a well dressed and polite younger guy who is polite and respectful. I am sure there must be an upscale mall within driving distance from your home… unless you live in North Dakota!

In Conclusion…

So, based on my experiences in dating the sexy older ladies of my day these were the best places to meet older women. And of course, let’s not forget there are a ton of websites that offer services for older women who seek out younger men as well! Hmmm….

article: Best places to meet older women!

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