Best Places to Meet Women – My Top Three

Best Places to Meet WomenWhat are the best places to meet women, you ask? Let’s take a close look at what you have done to meet women over the past several months. Ok, so you have tried internet dating, have had your sister set you up with a couple of her friends and even attended church for the first time in 15 years in your attempts to meet women.

Despite these efforts to meet women you are still single and not all that optimistic with your dating prospects. Let’s see what we can do to change that!

In an effort to show you the best places to meet women here are my top three ways to meet women as these have been my primary methods of meeting, dating and enjoying women for the past number of years!

Keep in mind these are MY favorites because they work for me… therefore it is important to realize that they may not work for you as we are all different in our appearance, confidence levels and desire for success.

Updated: December 4, 2013

Number One: Nightclubs.   Yep, you heard it here. I have always had a lot of success at the nightclubs when meeting women. Early on I discovered that by dressing well, being confident, being very fit, having a nice tan and enjoying the time with my buddies who would accompany me – and focus on having a good time instead of chasing the skirts, I would almost always have a woman or two approach me, offering to buy ME a drink.

You can have the same success and I’ll cover this in future articles on how to go about being the guy women pursue.

Number Two: the Tennis Courts.   I live in a tropical city where the weather is summer-like all year long. The tennis courts have a ton of women hitting balls against the practice wall all the time. I would just walk up to the girl and ask if she wants to hit on the court. As I was a fairly accomplished tennis player rarely did any of these women say no.

Often this hitting of tennis balls would result in an exchange of phone numbers!  Thus tennis courts makes MY list of best places to meet women!

Number Three: Introduction Services.   I met my wife through an introduction service that specialized in matching Japanese women to American men. When using this service I was older than my nightclubbing days and wanted to date and possibly marry a woman from Japan.

Within the first 3 months of joining the service I had been introduced to 16 women – all from Japan, with some living here in Hawaii.

I eventually decided that my current wife was the one for me and I did get married. I highly recommend these types of services to my single friends all the time!

So those are the three best places to meet women in my humble opinion! I can honestly say that over the years I have dated some of the sexiest and provocative Asian women you would find anywhere. And you can too! What’s holding you back!

article: Best Places to Meet Women – My Top Three  ( Updated: 12/04/2013 )

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