Best places to work to meet women.

Best places to work to meet womenWhere are the best places to work to meet women? I mean, working at a job could be ten times better if you were surrounded by sexy babes all day long, right? Well, here is my short list of places to work if you desire to meet more women in the work place.

# 1 – Large Upscale Department Store!   When I first moved to Hawaii I worked at the most exclusive department store in the islands. Needless to say after my first month there I quickly realized that most of the employees were female, with a few of us guys working in management positions.

What this meant was that for eight hours a day had the unique opportunity to interact with MANY young, sexy babes! Thinking back to this time in my life I must have dated over 15 women during my first year working at this company!

#2 – Hospitals/Medical Centers!   In a previous career I had the job of building surgery centers for a large healthcare system. The large staff of this healthcare system was primarily female working as med techs and nurses. This is why “working at a Hospital” made it on my list of best places to work to meet women!

After dating a few nurses who worked at this group of hospitals I realized I must have hit the mother load when it comes to meeting educated and attractive career women. I also realized that many of the nurses were from the Philippines… and let me tell you some of these ladies were very sexy and exotic looking in their scrubs!!!

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#3 – Hair Salons!   What… me work in a hair salon cutting hair? No way!! But that’s exactly what a friend of mine did twenty years ago and made a name for himself in the industry. When he first entered the field we all gave him grief, and I mean serious grief! That is until one day when I stopped by where he worked as a “stylist” and discovered the

extremely beautiful girl who’s hair he was cutting!! And let’s not forget the other ten hair stylists working along side him who all happened to be very attractive ladies as well.

No keep in mind my friend is not gay, and I think this helped him stand out in the crowd as far as this being his career. Needless to say he always had a beautiful girl he was dating and seemed to always be dating two or three girls at a time. And these girls were all his clients! Think about the movie: “Shampoo” and you have a solid image of his hectic dating life… all because of his chosen profession.

In Conclusion…

If I were looking to have a job that also helped me find pretty ladies to date these three would be at the top of my list. Meeting women can be a challenge at times but with the aid of being surrounded all day by beautiful women perhaps changing your career may prove to be beneficial to your dating life as well!

article: Best places to work to meet women.

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