Best Places to Volunteer to Meet Women

Best Places to Volunteer to Meet WomenSo you want to meet more women but are tired of the bar scene. In fact you have kind of burnt out on the online dating scene as well. Well, perhaps you should look at volunteering as a new method to meet attractive and high quality women!

I bet you didn’t know that many non-profit organizations have a high number of female workers and volunteers. With this being the case there really is no better place to volunteer your time to help your community while at the same time trying to meet women to date.

#1 – Elementary Schools. Most elementary school teachers are female. There is no better place to go and meet young ladies who are family orientated and have a desire to get married and have families. You can volunteer as an assistant teacher or gym instructor. Having dated several elementary school teachers in the past I can attest to the fact these ladies are relationship material!

#2 – Youth Focused Non-Profits. There are a ton of non-profits that cater to the youth in our communities that involve all sorts of activities and events. Most people who work with today’s youth are female! Just like in the above example of elementary schools non-profits much like the YMCA or Boys & Girls Clubs hire mostly women, as few men pursue youth services as a career. You can volunteer as a coach or mentor to kids while at the same time interacting with the predominately female staff. Not bad!

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#3 – Charity Special Events. If you like big upscale parties along with being able to help fund a “noble cause” many non-profits, hospitals and charitable organizations offer annual or semi-annual charity fundraising events. These events are usually full of very attractive women who often come with a group of single women to purchase a table or two. All you need to do is to contact a couple of your favorite charities and tell them you would like to help with their next event as a volunteer.

In Closing…

The best places to volunteer to meet women I think are these three! You just need to pick up the phone and get involved with any one of the volunteer opportunities. I think once you do your dating life will start to improve!

article: Best Places to Volunteer to Meet Women

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