Best Way to Easily Meet Japanese Women!

Best Way to Easily Meet Japanese WomenI am often asked: what is the best way to go about meeting Japanese women. As a matter of fact I have received approximately 20 or so emails from readers of this web magazine asking me this very question over the past three months.

Let’s cut to the chase, if you happen to live in Boise, Idaho, or Bangor, Maine… well, you just do not have the opportunity to meet very attractive Japanese women. Short of getting on a plane and visiting Tokyo here is the next best option to go about meeting and dating Japanese women who are in fact searching for a guy just like you. Really!!

Keep in mind, if you are a guy who has very little money do not waste your time trying to date a woman from Japan.

The cost associated with dating one of these very special ladies can be daunting when taking into account the cost of traveling to and from Japan, as well as the financial burden of sponsoring a “bride to be” through immigration.

So, if you are truly focused on meeting and dating a lady from Japan what you need to do is look up a match making company by the name of Match Making Introductions Hawaii ( What this company does is work with both American men and Japanese women in an effort to match them up through casual dates (here in Hawaii).

I am not sure of what their fees are for such a service, but I can imagine they are not cheap… so be prepared to spend a little cash in your effort to meet that special lady from Japan. This will also require you to take a trip to Hawaii and possibly spend at least two weeks here in the islands so you can have time to meet women from Japan who also travel here to Hawaii.

Just like you these women come to Honolulu in hopes of meeting an American man and may spend 1 to 3 weeks on-island with that being the focus of their trip.

Now I think you can understand why I say that dating a woman from Japan can become somewhat costly.

Between the cost of your MIH membership and airfare/hotel your wallet starts to become very thin.

If you are truly wanting to meet a sexy and attractive lady from Japan I think this is probably the best way to go. Fly into Honolulu, have a few dinners with some very attractive Japanese ladies and then fly back to wherever you are from with the hopes that one of these ladies may have an interest in a relationship with you.

Don’t forget to bring your sunblock!

article: Best Way to Easily Meet Japanese Women!

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