Black Women White Men: Interracial Couples

Black Women White Men: Interracial CouplesHave you ever dated outside of your race? I have and found it to be a very rewarding experience! With the majority of the women I have dated being Asian I have had the opportunity to have a short relationship with an African American woman many years ago. Today we are going to discuss black women white men couples.

I bring this up as a new neighbor, an interracial couple (she black, he white) just moved into our building; and my wife and I had some time to chat with them over a cup of coffee the other day.


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Keep in mind that if you have read any of my posts on this site you will know that my wife is from Japan… and in Japan you do not see very many interracial couples where one partner is black and the other is Japanese or white.

So for her this was an intriguing relationship – black women white men – that she wanted to learn more about.

Here are some questions my wife asked the couple… of which they had the same questions for us being that we are also an interracial couple!

Do you as a couple encounter any cultural issues that get in the way of your relationship?

The man (caucasian) responded by saying the original problem for both he and his wife was when they first started dating and had to encounter each other’s families.

Black Women White Men: Interracial CouplesBoth he and his wife at first felt uncomfortable when meeting the others parents and siblings. She, being black, did not have any push back from her husband’s family and was readily accepted.

The husband did state he had a slight issue with her brother in that he was not initially accepting of his sister dating a white guy – this brother of hers was not in favor of black women white dating. But he said that over time they soon became good friends and the issue of skin color was no longer… an issue.

With she, the wife, growing up in the deep south and he, the husband, growing up in the Pacific Northwest there were some minor issues of social protocols that were somewhat different for the two.

The wife was looking to be officially “courted” like a southern belle, while the husband was quite a bit more relaxed about the whole process of dating up until the wedding day. The wife seemed somewhat disappointed about that!


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UpdateJune 14, 2016 for “Black Women White Men: Interracial Couples

It seems all women, regardless of their race, want the very same thing… to be treated like a lady and shown just how special she is when it comes time to making your relationship a “life time relationship”!

Has anyone ever made comments to you in public about being an interracial couple?

Both responded that no one has ever made comments to their face or even made them feel uncomfortable. She, as a black woman, does feel that this is primarily due to the fact they had most of their relationship mature while living in the northwest where there seems to be a more liberal bias among the residents.

The husband chimed in that on rare instances he would catch people staring at them, as if these people never encountered black women white men couples; but he thinks it was mostly out of curiosity than anything negative they were thinking.

Have either of you ever dated out of your race before meeting each other?

To my wife’s surprise they both answered no. The wife had only dated black men and the husband had only dated white women, and they both had very limited exposure to black women white men couples.

What was the initial attraction for each of you?

The wife perked up at this question as she was almost wanting it to be asked! She stated: “I was attracted to his confidence and ability to handle any situation. He is always in control and is not afraid to be a man.”

She then made a comment that he is not the best looking guy she has ever dated, but it was his confidence in himself that won her over quickly.

For the husband he says it was her beauty.

She is truly exotic in the way she looks and in the way she lives her life, he shared with us.

This women is tall, about 5’7” and very striking in her facial features… and has a very feminine physical frame.

Then jokingly he added: “really, it was her southern cooking that hooked me in!”


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My experience with “black women white men” relationships?

It was a very long time ago while in college. She was very beautiful and full of energy… and so different from me. Looking back I often think of her with a smile as she was one of the most giving and kind people I had ever met.  I had always wanted to experience a “black women white men” dating situation.

Just like any male, the prime attraction for me came in how beautiful she was. She was short, sexy, provocative and smart. Her skin color was so different from my very pale caucasian skin that for some reason I found her even that much more physically appealing.

As a couple, now part of the “black women white men” dating scene, we were accepted everywhere and had only one issue where one of the basketball team players, who was black, expressed interest in her and she did not reciprocate. He made a few unpleasant comments “at” us from time to time, and that was that.

Three months into our young relationship she ended up transferring to another state college to be closer to her family… and as you know long distance relationships do not work.

Thinking of dating black women? Why not! They are beautiful, fun and just a little different from us white guys that there could be the makings of a very rewarding relationship if you give it a try!

Here’s a video on this very topic of “black women white men” dating!  Enjoy the video.


article: Black Women White Men: Interracial Couples

More info on interracial marriage here at Wikipedia.

Updated: 06/14/2016

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