Body Language to Attract Women

Body Language to Attract WomenHow you communicate to others is much more involved than just speaking! How you walk, gesture, stand and sit communicates an awful lot to the lady who is either trying to avoid you or get your attention!  Today we will discuss how to use body language to attract women.

That’s right, the way you carry yourself will communicate more than anything you say verbally! Here are some things you should try not to do in order to be more attractive to women!


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Walking too Fast:   Many guys walk very fast, as if they are rushing to a fire.

What this looks like to a woman who may be watching you is that you are not in control of what ever is going on in your life.

Walk slow and in a confident, relaxed fashion. Shoulders are back, chest out and a pace that shows you are calm, cool and in control.

Slumping in Your Chair:   How many of us come to a chair, sit down and slide down a little to where we are “slumping” more than sitting in the chair?

Just about most of us guys do this on a regular basis… and we need to stop! This actual makes you look tired, defeated and not alert.

When you sit, push your butt and back up against the back of the chair and resist rolling your shoulders forward so you are sitting up straight. This conveys strength and confidence!

Poor Posture:   In today’s computer age it becomes very difficult not to roll you shoulders forward and slump forward in your chair as one sits for hours at their desk at work. What this creates is a posture that conveys weakness and makes one almost look sickly.


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Every now and then get out of your chair, stand up with your back to a wall and touch your shoulders and head to the wall. This will re-align your spin and give you the correct posture you need to look confident and fit… which woman want in their men.

Touching Your Face:   Have you ever encountered someone who had a problem of touching their face too much? What did you think of that? I know when I witness this behavior I think the person to be nervous of unsure of himself. What do you think women think?

We all touch our face and don’t realize it. Stop it! Just try to be more aware of this happening and put a stop to it!

Hands in Pants Pocket:   Seeing many men standing with their hands in their pockets looks like they totally lack confidence. And most times they do lack confidence. Men put their hands in their pockets as a subconscious attempt to deal with insecurity!

And do you want to know something? Women know this! Don’t put your hands in your pockets because it makes you look weak! Instead hold a cup of coffee and use your other free hand to apply some light gestures to accentuate your talking points.

Not Smiling:   Have you ever seen a guy who never smiles? He never seems to enjoy the moment? Perhaps looks like he takes himself too seriously?

If this is you then you need to relax, enjoy life and smile more. Women are attracted to men who look like they enjoy life and the people around them… and it is the smile that conveys this message! Smile more; a lot more!

Avoiding Eye Contact:   One thing that absolutely conveys weakness and insecurity is when a man avoids making eye contact with the woman he is speaking to. It shows to her that you are terrified she will reject you and that you have no confidence! This will only result in the women thinking you are a beta male!


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Appear Relaxed:    So many guys act like they are anxious, nervous and hyper no matter the setting. They are fidgety and talk a thousand miles an hour and as a result come across as a geek who would never be able to attract any type of woman!

Slow down, relax, take in the moment and enjoy yourself! Don’t give a shit what others are thinking or saying! Just slow down and relax. Women are attracted to men who seem like they are in control and can enjoy themselves!

In Conclusion…

Body language says a lot about who you are and how confident you are as a man! Women will watch you from across the room and within seconds determine if you are a guy they would be interested in meeting, or if you are a guy not worth their time… all by your individual body language!


article: Body Language to Attract Women

updated: June 13, 2016

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