Breaking up with an overly attached girlfriend!

Breaking up with overly attached girlfriendI have had the very unpleasant experience of breaking up with many women over the years. Probably breaking up with an overly attached girlfriend is the most difficult!

Case in point: It is 1987 and I am dating this very sexy and stunning local Japanese girl here in Honolulu.

Because I am young, stupid and selfish at the time I find myself getting bored with this girl and decide it’s time to play the field and meet other women before settling down.

Despite this very sexy girl being very appealing she was very needy and insecure, which really accelerated my “loss of interest” in her. The sex was great.

Other guys wished they could be with her. She was an exotic beauty who competed in swimsuit contests… BUT, I lost interest!

Her neediness and her constant desire to always be with me 24 hours a day started to get old – FAST!

The breakup six months into the relationship was a challenge!

Upon hearing my desire to move on she instantly started throwing my stuff onto the front lawn of the house I was renting at the time.

Neighbors, hearing the comotion, became somewhat interested in the argument between us as one of them called the police and I had to explain this screaming woman was my girlfriend… and we just broke up!

For about three weeks after the breakup she would call me and hang-up. She would follow me in her car in an attempt to stalk me.

I would go to the beach and she would arrive minutes later and catch rays only feet from where I was catching rays.

It wasn’t until I started dating another girl that she got the hint and backed off.

She was a terrific girl, but I really was becoming irritated with her constant stalking and continuing desire to get back together!

Over the years we lost touch, with me staying in Hawaii and she moving to the mainland to get married.

Over ten years later we cross paths at a local grocery store in Kailua and she… looked GREAT!!

And of course, she flirts and plays coy with me to get me interested again… only to reject my advances later that evening.

Payback is hell!

Here’s a funny video titled: Breaking up with overly attached girlfriend! Enjoy the video!


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