Build Confidence with Your Voice and Body Language

Here is a brief article on how to use your body to become more confident. Very interesting article to help you gain confidence which can only make you more appealing to attractive women!

Written by: Mark Victor Hansen

Build Confidence with Your Voice and Body Language

Body Language

Stand tall. Use your body to project confidence.

When your head is down and your chest is collapsed, you are not depicting confidence. When you’re looking depressed and you’re acting nervously shy, you do not look confident.

Lift your chin up, have good posture, breathe deeply, make eye contact, and give people a firm handshake. This will actually make you feel more confident.

You can do this anytime and anywhere.

Portraying confidence in your physical appearance will, without question, help you feel more confident. Confidence is an emotion. Emotions are generated in the body. So that is where you must start.

Confidence starts with confident use of the body.

This idea applies when you are talking on the telephone, as well.

We recommend that you do not sit at the telephone, whether or not you have a headset. Stand up and walk around a bit.

You need to act confidently in order to think confidently. Walk confidently and be confident.

When you are starting a project, imagine yourself as the master of that activity or topic. Imbue yourself with that person’s confidence until you’ve got it as your own.

Physically reflect confidence. As you act out the physical characteristics of confidence, that same confidence will be projected in your voice. It will be present in all of the ways you present yourself, regardless of how you are interacting with others.

Confident people are confident because they use their body in confident ways!

Find Your Voice

Finding your voice involves the way you speak.

You need to speak in a confident manner. Use words that exude confidence.

Replace timid words such as “if” with words that are more definite, such as “when.”

Use a tone of voice that indicates certainty.

If you want to feel certain, sound certain.

These sounds will trigger in your brain a feeling of confidence.

Confident people are confident because they speak in confident ways!

About the Author

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