Can My Wife Love Me Again?

Can My Wife Love Me Again?All relationships go through some tough times and leave either spouse questioning the value of the relationship. Most times these periods are only temporary and are just a normal phase any couple will experience from time to time.

Today we have an article written by my friend Alex over at who has a great deal of information on the topic of relationships for those guys whom may be wanting to get their “ex” back.

By:   Alex J. Steve

Can My Wife Love Me Again?

This is a question that is so often asked by husbands around the world so don’t think that you are the only one asking it.

Most married couples go through ups and downs in their marriage and though the scenarios and circumstances could be quite different, the question that many husbands ask is the same and here we are, hoping to give you some tips on how to answer this question with a Yes.

So, first things first. What you need to do is to take stock – and taking stock of how you feel is absolutely the first step.

If you are going to be down in the dumps and negative, you are not going to be anyone’s favorite person, least of all your wife.

So you need to get yourself into a positive frame of mind. Try and go back in time to when you wooed and courted her. Ask yourself what you did to make her fall in love with you and as you know her so much better now, you also know what she likes and what she doesn’t. So it gives you a head start when it comes to courting her all over again.

Then, you need to do a very clear analysis of what went wrong. Now here, you will have to be very objective – put yourself in her shoes and try to think of the many reasons why you’ve drifted apart and why she doesn’t love you anymore.

Ask yourself these questions: What? Why? When? How? And try and find objective answers to them. Try and bring back the days you first met and try to remember how you treated her then and how you do now.

Most people drift into a relationship that takes each other for granted, especially as the years go by. Well, if that means losing your wife’s love, it’s time to inject a bit of the old time romance into the relationship.

Women like to feel cared for and coveted; and just a little bit of love could get you so much in return!! Learn to say those three magic words again: ‘I love you’. Women like to hear and feel things – you need to say it out loud and you need to show her you appreciate her, otherwise she is going to think you don’t care and you are taking her for granted. Try and remember when you told her you loved her last and when was the last time you had a romantic evening by yourselves.

Can My Wife Love Me Again?Of course, one thing should be taboo and that is being abusive to your wife. If you have, you deserve that she leaves you and if you want her back, you need to make sure that it never happens again.

It is not just about being physically abusive because sometimes, being hurt mentally and emotionally can be as painful.

Do you put her down in public? Do you make her feel inferior? Do you shout and scream when things don’t go your way? Is she afraid of you? Have you hurt her by being unfaithful or by paying other women too much attention?

Well, if you have answered “YES” to any of these questions, you need to do an about turn and ask yourself how badly you want your wife back. If you do, you need to turn your back on your old self and change… a lot!

Just remember one thing: most women love the security of their marriage and if you truly are willing to turn over a new leaf, she will help you along. You need to make that commitment, though and make a sincere effort to change.

Marriage needs working at and you can do it if you put your mind to it. After all, there’s nothing that beats a long and happy married life.

Alex J. Steve is a writer at He writes articles about ‘saving a relationship’ and ‘getting an ex back’. He would also like to help you to fix your relationship problem at his blog.

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