Can women be too beautiful?

Can women be too beautifulI didn’t think so until I had a meeting with a very stunning woman who was trying to sell me investment products this morning. And, yes… she was Asian.  Filipino/Japanese ancestry I would have to guess. But truly beautiful; and I mean exceptionally stunning! Which begs the question: Can women be too beautiful?

What a question to ask, right? I mean how can any woman be so attractive that she may be considered too beautiful?! Well, from the man’s perspective let’s try to answer that very question.

Her Beauty Intimidates You

I have encountered only a handful of women who I would consider truly stunning to the point where I felt uncomfortable being around them.

Not sure as to why this is the case but these three or four women over the years had some sort of overwhelming appeal that I just felt awkward and on my left foot when around them.

I can still remember this surfer chick back in the early ‘90s who was tan, fit, athletic and flawless in the way she looked.

I was but a young guy in my early thirties and thought she would never be interested in a guy who didn’t surf.

The day we met I was immediately attracted to her, how could I not be! She was all of 5’3”, golden brown tanned skin, all of 110 lbs and a part-time surfer magazine model. Our budding relationship lasted an entire two months before she was called to Tokyo to start her modeling career doing commercials for Japan TV.

Can women be too beautifulDespite the fact she left for Japan I never really felt all that comfortable around her as her beauty did really intimidate me. I was always feeling not quite 100% my confident self around her so I knew deep down inside she would pick up on that and become disinterested.

Her Beauty Attracts too Much Attention

Truly beautiful women are always getting attention from EVERYONE! Guys are always wanting to be with them. Women want to be like them. And the media puts beautiful woman on a pedestal in almost every commercial, TV program or movie available today.

A good friend of mine married a woman who was 20 years younger than him and she was extremely beautiful. He was a very successful entrepreneur who seemed to have it all… the cars, the homes, the luxury vacations and the successful businesses.

That all ended when he discovered his best friend was sending his wife love letters via email. She claimed she knew nothing of it and did not encourage this friend to send the emails. However, this had been the third occurrence in a year’s time that some guy was trying to interfere in their marriage. Sadly, they divorced shortly after when she ran off with one of his business partners. YIKES!

Her Beauty Creates an Arrogant and Cold Woman

I have come across many women who are attractive on the outside but on the inside they Can women be too beautifulare “ugly”. They derive all of their self worth and self esteem from their “looks” and think anyone they do not find as appealing as themselves to be “less worthy”.

These women strive to marry older/wealthy men. They choose these men because they feel they deserve a lifestyle that matches their appearance. This arrogance is usually picked up too late by the sucker male once he is a husband and could lose everything when he realizes he married a parasite and not a partner.

A good example of this type of woman is the TV show “Housewives of Orange County”. These women seem so self involved that no man is really up to their standards. Most of these women end up divorced and constantly fight with their friends… just like in this particular TV program.

The Answer – Stay Away From These Women

As much as you want to date a “10” do you really want all the hassle that comes with them? Probably not, unless you find dating a very attractive woman, as opposed to a truly “stunning” woman, not up to your expectations.

My advice: stay away from these incredibly beautiful women. Can women be too beautiful, and be a big problem for you down the road? Most certainly YES!! Date these women at your own peril!

Good luck if you do!

article: Can women be too beautiful?

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