Changed My Workout Routine for Better Results

Changed My Workout Routine for Better ResultsIn an effort to become much more fit I made the decision to change my workout routine to a more frequent schedule. This has already shown some very good results especially in the fat loss department.

I have started to hit the gym three times per week instead of my usual two times per week in a hope to better kick start my all over all fitness level.

This idea came to me after watching many P90X commercials in seeing the results their users or getting.

By upping my fitness activities along with the three days of the week in the gym I have noticed a more trimmer and fit me!

Perhaps you should give this a try.

Here is what I do while in the gym.

Keep in mind that I do not like to spend a great deal of time in the gym, therefore try to get out within 20 to 25 minutes.

With these basic exercises this can easily be accomplished.

Changed My Workout Routine for Better Results

CHEST:   Bench press for 4 sets; or triceps extensions and chest flies. I do not do both but choose which of these two I will depending on mike time constraints and particular mood that day.

SHOULDERS:   Lat raises for 4 sets. This to work my shoulders.

BACK:   Lat pull down for 4 sets. To work my lats and back.

ABS:   Crunches for my abs – 4 sets.

It is important to note that I do not use super heavy weights as these are mostly geared towards keeping me fit and well-muscled. I am not trying to attempt bodybuilding nor am I wanting to be a fitness competitor.

Yes, I changed my workout routine for better results but I was doing very well without the need to do so. However, I can assure you, especially for my age (52), my physique is very, very fit looking with six pack ABS and well defined chest and arms.

If you have read any of my posts on my fitness routines you will know that I have a bad back thus it greatly limits what I can do for my legs.

CARDIO: Lastly, every day I try to walk for at least 1 hour a day at a fast pace. This works the legs and keeps my cardio health to a very healthy level.

Perhaps this could be a routine you follow yourself if you are wanting to be very fit and appealing for the ladies.


article: Changed My Workout Routine for Better Results

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