Chinese Women Seeking American Men

Chinese Women Seeking American MenI had a brief conversation with a guy I met at the gym about his new girlfriend that is from China. He showed me her picture and, man, she was gorgeous! And she was at least twenty years younger than he! Yes, there are Chinese women seeking American men and they can be easily found through two methods.

Of course if you are attracted to Asian women the Chinese woman is one of the more exotic of the bunch.

Her culture is thousands of years old…

…the food of her country is simple yet sophisticated and their beautiful jet black hair and almond eyes make them truly unique and exotic.

And lets not forget that China is the center of Asia!… and the new upcoming international power that will someday challenge the USA.

Chinese women are very beautiful and smart, thus are highly desired by all men.

Chinese Women Seeking American Men

Method One:   Online Dating Sites.

There are a ton of dating sites that cater to the American man seeking a Chinese woman for a romantic relationship. I certainly do not need to highlight any here as all you need to do is Google the term “meet Chinese women” and you will have your pick of dating websites that caters to guys just like you.

Keep in mind there are probably thousands, if not tens of thousands of Chinese women seeking American men online!

In case you are wondering the above mentioned guy from above did not meet his girlfriend this way. But after dating her for a short while he confessed if for some reason this particular relationship does not work out he will be signing up for several dating websites so he can meet another Chinese lady… or two!

Method TwoYour Local University.

This is how my new gym buddy met his new lady friend. He did some work over at the University (he’s a carpenter) and several women were out in the common area close to where he was working whereupon he took the initiative and started talking with them.

[easyazon-image align=”right” asin=”1489538437″ locale=”us” height=”300″ src=”” width=”220″]Over a period of four weeks he discovered on of the Chinese ladies seemed interested in him and from there they started spending more time together.

I have always recommended that local Universities are probably the best place to meet Chinese women because, for some reason, Chinese students flock to our U.S. graduate programs.

In fact several years ago, before I married my Japanese wife, I dated a Chinese lady who was pursuing her PhD in Nuclear Engineering.

Find some reason to spend time on-campus at your nearby college or University, target the science areas and you will easily come across some very beautiful… and intelligent Chinese ladies!

But keep in mind this not their main focus – Chinese women seeking American men – but rather to get a high quality education to return to China with.

In Conclusion…

Chinese women seeking American men are everywhere! I bet that if you have a computer you could easily be chatting with a young, sexy Chinese lady within the hour. Better yet, jump in the car and head to your State’s major university and start looking for the engineering department!


article: Chinese Women Seeking American Men

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