If I Were to Create a New Dating Site…

If I Were to Create a New Dating SiteSo I am sitting with some friends who are single and they are telling me it is very difficult to meet any quality women out there. As we talked I mentioned that if I were to create a new dating site that would be of value to them this is exactly what it would look like!

You see the biggest problem is that people are first attracted to others by their initial appearance and then by the persons personalities and positive behaviors.

However, I can tell you that with all the ladies I have dated over the years quite often an attractive lady whom I normally would not be all that attracted to (for various reasons) would win me over with her infectious personality or interesting life that she was leading!

The idea for a new dating site, if I had the interest to create a dating site, I would craft it around the idea of “blind dates”, where the two people would not know who they are, but have similar interests, not know what each other looks like, and all the communication between the two STARTS on the blind date… and not before!

In case you are wondering, the actual blind date would be a daytime “coffee date”, thus it would be short, allow time for conversation while also giving each an “out” so as to not make a “bad” blind date last too long. Ideally, a quick 45 minute…

blind date program” would be the new dating site idea I think would be very interesting.

After this initial “coffee date/blind date” both people can then decide if they want to further communicate with each other, which would be the second platform of the website for those who want a little anonymity for a short while before deciding on a relationship and all contact details are shared.

What a great way to meet new people whom you may never have met before! And… all for the price of a cup of Joe. That’s my idea of a new dating site worth exploring!

article: If I Were to Create a New Dating Site  ( Updated: January 2, 2014 or 01/02/2014 )

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