Creating an Interesting Life: for Men!

Creating an Interesting Life: for Men!As we all know women are NOT attracted to boring men. If you think you have a shot with that sexy French girl who just moved in down the hall then you had better be an interesting guy who has a lot to offer!

Here are eight things you should be doing to become a much more interesting guy… and as a result you will become a happier guy who will now start to get laid!

Taking up a Sport

Stop being a couch potato and take up a sport. Just as an example: take up tennis. Buy a cheap racket, balls and some sun screen and get your ass down to the tennis courts.

Most tennis courts have a practice wall to hit balls against and there you will slowly hone your skills hitting a tennis ball.

In case you’re wondering, tennis is a sport where many women, very fit women, participate.

I can assure you that I have met a ton of women on the tennis courts, often resulting in dating opportunities! You will rarely come across a fat tennis chick!!!

Also, join a membership site by the name of Through this site you can meet and socialize with other tennis players in your area. In fact, I bet once you post an announcement you are looking for another beginner to hit balls with you will have numerous folks replying!

Taking up a Hobby

If you do not have a hobby other than watching TV after work then you are a boring guy! Let’s use water color painting as an example hobby choice here. Go to your local art supply store and purchase the necessary easel, water color paints, pencils and painting boards.

Next, look for water color painting classes in your area that offer weekend or evening classes and enroll. Through this class you will meet other water color painting enthusiasts that share your passion for painting!

From these friendships you will have people who you can do other social events with, not just water color painting themed outings!

Hobbies can be anything from collect coins, cooking to ceramics! Through these hobbies you now have a sheared experience with others and that is how lasting friendships develop!

Taking a Class

Go to your local Community College and see what evening courses they offer. These courses can be related to your career or just for fun to learn more about an interesting topic. In this example let’s choose a Wednesday night class on how to start a blog or website.

Here you will meet other like-minded people who want to start a blog and also want to meet other people as well. This one class will be filled with all kinds of people and will help you gain a new skill… that of being able to set up a WordPress blog!

Most community colleges have a ton of evening classes to select from ranging from Science, History, the Arts and college prep. They also have adult education classes that are more for fun than for true educational purposes, such as classes on bar tending, painting and dog training.

Starting that Side-Business

Just about everyone I know has some sort of side business to help pad the wallet. What could that be for you? How would an additional $1,000 per month in added income help you? What would that income do for your self-esteem?

Having a good career is one thing; but having a career and a side business really puts you in a higher income bracket. This side business also gives you some flexibility as you will no longer be entirely dependent on your day job for your income. You can also decide at some point to grow your side business into a full-time opportunity!

Planning your Social Life

Women love active and socially involved men. If you plan your social life and aggressively pursue new friendships through your hobbies, classes and athletics you will have plenty of people to hang out with and enjoy other interesting things to do.

Breakout a calendar, make a list of things you want to do after work each day and commit these items to various days on your calendar.

Next, pick up the phone and call one of your tennis buddies to see if he wants to go to the new jazz club that just opened up last week on Tuesday night.

Next, that cool couple you met at your water color class, see if they want to meet for pizza and beer on Friday night. Commit these to a calendar and “plan” your social life!

Get VERY Fit

Men who are not confident will never do any of these things! They are too shy and timid, resulting in no friends and not getting laid! They are bored, boring and ignored by women!

Creating an Interesting Life: for Men!The one excellent way to overcome this internal fear and gain confidence in yourself is to get VERY fit! Why? Because most men in the USA are fat slobs and very unappealing to women. If you start working out in the gym, perform cardio daily and eat healthy you will start to get the body most men wish they had.

Time and time again I hear of guys who change their lifestyle of “pathetic-ness” to a fitness lifestyle and they not only change their physique, they change their entire sense of self-worth! Seeing a guy gong from flab to fit you will easily see how they also change in how they see themselves… a new confident self-assured guy that wasn’t there six months earlier!

Travel to see the World

Want to impress the ladies? Tell them you took two weeks last year to hike the ruins in Greece. Better yet, tell them about the flat tire you experienced while driving the rough roads in Bogota! Share pictures of the trip you took to China and the strange soup you were fed as you stayed with local villagers helping them to learn English!

Men who travel are exciting to women!! A well traveled man is interesting, knowledgeable and entertaining via his various trips to experience different cultures. Want to be interesting and mysterious to women? Plan that next trip!!

Be Well Read

You can not be an interesting guy without being knowledgeable about the world around you! Make a daily habit of reading your daily newspaper and selected blogs; so, when it comes down to initiating a conversation with a beautiful woman you then will have a plethora of information at your disposal to talk about!

Creating an Interesting Life: for Men!Many guys just do not keep up with the international news or politics. They seem to just want to focus on sports and what’s on TV. This usually leaves a huge void when it comes down to being able to contribute anything of meaning to any conversation you may find yourself in.

Take 30 minutes a day, first thing in the morning, and peruse the morning paper and blogs; and from there you should be well armed with information that will help start and maintain any conversation!

In Closing…

If you do not do any of the above suggestions you will become a very boring and uninteresting guy! If that is your desire then expect not to be able to attract any women you may encounter as they will not be very impressed with who you are or what you are all about!

Get out of the house and move your life forward, and as a result you will become the man women will start to take an interest in. Because you are now an interesting guy!!

article: Creating an Interesting Life: for Men!

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