Date Asian Women from Vietnam

Date Asian Women from VietnamSeveral years ago I had a friend who travelled quite a bit to Vietnam for business. He was a single guy whom often bragged about the numerous girlfriends he had back in Vietnam and how he felt they were the most exotic and beautiful women he has ever dated.

On one of his trips back to Honolulu from Ho Chi Minh City he brought with him numerous pictures of his most recent lady friend he has been spending time with while in Vietnam.

Upon seeing his pictures of this girl I must admit she was very exotic and looked much younger than her purported 35 years!

So how would one go about meeting a woman from Vietnam?

Well, it is not all that unlike meeting women from other Asian countries such as China and Japan in that the approach is basically the same!

Option One: Travel to Vietnam.    There are a ton of package tours that you can take to tour the country and mingle with the locals.

These tour packages can cost anywhere from $2,000 and up depending on the accommodations and travel arrangements within the tour itself.

Keep in mind though that English is not spoken in that country with the Vietnamese and French being the two primary languages.

Option TwoOnline Dating.    This is perhaps the easiest way to meet a Vietnamese lady… and probably the cheapest to get the ball rolling. For a small monthly fee of $40 or so you can connect with Vietnamese ladies who are registered with various online dating sites and start communicating with them on a daily basis.

Once trust has been established and an attraction for each other acknowledged then it is just a matter of planning your trip to Vietnam to meet her face to face.

Here are two Vietnamese focused dating sites you may want to check out:


Option Three: Here in the USA!    There are just over 1.1 million foreign born Vietnamese living here in the United States! That number does not include their U.S. born siblings and children. So where do they reside? Let’s take a look:

According to the website

“Nearly two-thirds of all Vietnamese immigrants resided in just six states.

In 2006, California had the largest number of Vietnamese immigrants (446,397, or 39.9 percent), followed by Texas (129,779, or 11.6 percent), Washington (49,084, or 4.4 percent), Virginia (37,841, or 3.4 percent), Florida (37,076, or 3.3 percent), and Massachusetts (33,933, or 3.0 percent).

Together, these six states accounted for 65.7 percent (734,110) of all Vietnamese-born immigrants.”

Go to one of these six states and start looking for where these Vietnamese ladies hangout and work and start interacting with them!

In Closing…

Most western men are very attracted to Asian women. The lady from Vietnam may be the most unique to us western men because of the little fan fare these beautiful and exotic ladies get here in the USA.

I do know that upon seeing pictures of my friends new girlfriend back in Vietnam I don’t think you can go wrong with dating one of these ladies!!


article: Date Asian Women from Vietnam

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