Dating a Bikini Contest Babe? Be Careful!

Dating a Bikini Contest Babe? Be Careful!That’s right you heard me correct: if you are dating a sexy bikini contest babe you may be getting more than you bargained for.  Speaking from experience, these women are truly stunning on the outside but on the inside…  that is totally something else!

While I have dated many very beautiful and exotic women over the years I can still remember vividly this one particular woman who was so extraordinarily beautiful and fit that wherever she went she quickly became the center of attention.

She was always competing in all of the local bikini contests no matter where or when or who was in attendance.

It seemed that every possible moment she was always dressed to be sexy and to be looked at.

This seemed to be a true “need” for her and was her soul sense of pride. Other than competing in the various swimsuit contests she was a… are you ready for this… part-time waitress!

Always posing as if she were onstage showing off her incredibly tanned body no matter where we were at, it soon became very old!! Always, always, always was she trying to get the attention of all the men and women in the room to look at her and ogle at how beautiful she was.

Her constant complaint about dating was that no guy would stay with her for any lengthy period of time. It seemed, according to her, that the men in her life would slowly drift away and lose interest in a few weeks to a month, max.

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Her constant “modeling” everywhere we went, in an effort to have virtually everyone(!) look at her started to really get on my nerves.

It was as if she never walked off the contest stage and was forever “posing” for just about anyone who would look at her and complement her on her looks.

While the sex was fairly good and being with an incredibly beautiful woman was somewhat intoxicating at times, it did slowly become irritating to spend time with her.

Having met numerous friends of hers who also did the swim suit contest circuit I could not help but notice they all seemed to have this one significant personality glitch.

Something to think about if you should find yourself wanting to date such a lady. If you want to know, our relationship lasted less than five weeks. Right on queue!

Here’s a sample of a bikini contest you may find fun to watch!


Dating a Bikini Contest Babe? Be Careful!

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