Dating Advice for Men: Why YOU Are Alone!

Dating Advice for MenHere we provide dating advice for men: why YOU are alone! More likely than not you are, in fact… alone; with no girlfriend or “female friend with benefits” – otherwise you would not be reading this article or blog! So let’s cut to the chase and list some reasons why you are alone so we can start to look at ways to change this situation into one where you start to attract women!

In today’s article we are only listing the top five reasons many are not able to meet women. While these are the most prevailing reasons there are many not included on this short list.

It is also important to note that in today’s article we are only identifying the top five and NOT providing solutions as of yet. Future articles will cover these topics in detail; but first one must look seriously within to see if any of these 5 issues could be a main cause of you not being attractive to women.

Reason One: Poor personal hygiene.

Many guys for some reason seem to think having greasy, unwashed hair and body odor is ok. This I do not understand at all, but for these types of guys it is their “norm”. If you are unsure of your hygiene situation just ask a lady friend of yours to rate your personal hygiene and ask her to be totally honest with you.

Women will not date or “sleep with” a smelly guy!

Reason Two: Low paying job/No Career.

If you are a sexy girl with 2 or 3 guys hitting on you every day would you date a guy who works part-time at Wal-Mart and still lives at home with his mother?…. and he is 37 years old? Of course not! But a lot of these “low-level” guys become very confused when women, even the ugly fat ones, seem to look down on them.

All women want men who can financially support them and provide “social proof” of their worthiness to date and spend time with. Attractive women will not date financial losers!

Reason Three: Too Arrogant/Self Important.

I have seen this numerous times: the guy who is so into himself that even his mom is neglected. Men who are so self important and treat all those around them as inferior not only have problems keeping women in their lives but they just seem not to be able to keep friends as well!

Reason Four: Introverted/Painfully Shy.

For most men approaching a girl is intimidating, for others it is fairly easy and yet for another set of men it is downright impossible! These are the painfully shy guys. If you are “appealing enough” to have women approach you – no problem.

If not, then you will be forever hobbled by your shyness and low self-esteem! If you do not attempt to connect and engage with the women around you, you will never have a girl friend!

You MUST start working on your self confidence to help you rid yourself of the shyness problem and start NOW!

Dating Advice for Men: Why YOU Are Alone!

Reason Five: very Poor Social Skills.

Social skills are EVRYTHING! Even if you are a very good-looking, confident, clean and financially upscale guy your poor social skills will kill any chance of keeping women in your life for any duration of time.

What’s interesting is that many men are not aware that their learned behaviors may be hindering their chances of connecting with attractive women! Are you too loud? Are you to insensitive to others? Do you have poor manners?

If you are unsure, like above, talk to a trusted lady friend and seek some solid input on your social skills so you start making improvements right away!

To recap, this article entitled: Dating advice for men: Why You Are Alone! Should help you identify some of the road blocks that are sabotaging your dating efforts. Stay tuned for future articles that address honest and actionable solutions to each of these five issues.

Good Luck!

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