Dating Much Younger Women

Dating Much Younger WomenYes, older men are in fact invisible to younger women! I say this because I have several friends who are over the age of 50 and they all desire to be with women who are in their 20s. This is not unusual, as women their own age are somewhat of a disappointment. So what is an older guy to do?

I have only known one older gentleman who was successful with dating and eventually marrying an attractive younger woman. He was 56 and she was 28. Needless to say, years later they divorced and he got sole custody of their young child. But for a while it looked like they actually might have a decent, long-term marriage… of sorts.

Probably the most compelling reason why a young woman, a much younger woman, would ever date a much older man would be for social status and financial support.

Most older men are not attractive to younger women.

All one needs to do is to look around and they will see that the vast majority of men over the age of 50 in this country are overweight, look fairly unhealthy and have the energy of a sleeping cat.

Here are three very quick ways a man over the age of 50 may have some sort of a chance to attract a woman who may be all of 27 years of age.

Tip One: stop being the old fat man and become the extremely fit gentleman.   Younger women are attracted to younger men because most of these younger men are thin, with some of them even being very physically appealing due to the fact they work out and take care of their bodies. Older men just do not do this.

So my advice to you if you are over the age of 50 is to get your sorry ass into the gym and take it very seriously for the next six months. Workout like a bodybuilder, eat like a bodybuilder and rest and recover like a bodybuilder… because that’s exactly what it will take for you to become attractive to the younger ladies.

Tip Two: dress well!   Most men over the age of 50 realize that they have very little chance of attracting a young sexy lady. So not only do you need to get very physically fit like mentioned above, you also need to dress appropriately to impress a woman who is in her 20s.

Take a few days, or perhaps a few weeks, and take a look at what all the young men are wearing. While you do not want to model their particular style, as you are still an older man, I am betting your wardrobe and your style need to be more hip; thus, seek the assistance of a younger lady friend and have her go shopping with you to select a new wardrobe that might give you better odds of attracting a sexy young lady.

Tip Three: you better have money… and not be afraid to spend it!   That’s right, the younger woman will expect to be wined and dined, be given gifts and have her friends drinks all purchased by you… the older man who is trying to win her over.

In today’s age younger women tend to be very selfish and very self-absorbed, thus they will be looking to you to be their personal sugar daddy. Expect this! While some younger women are attracted to older men, the truth be known, very few are. What they will become attracted to is your wallet. So be prepared and bring your Diners Club card.

In conclusion…

Having met several older men that are close in age to myself, that being over the age of 50, the few who have been successful in dating much younger women seem to have regretted this decision. But if you desire to meet, date and bed an attractive younger woman then I highly recommend following the advice listed above.

article: Dating Much Younger Women

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