Dating Older vs Younger Women

Dating Older vs Younger WomenIf you are a guy who is in your mid thirties then you really do have many options regarding your selection of women to date. The debate you could be having should be on the topic of dating older vs younger women. After all, this is where dating for any confident guy starts to become interesting!

Just think, you are sitting at your local watering hole flirting with the sexy 22 year old waitress when in walks this very elegant, sophisticated business woman who exudes sensuality at the age of 45.

Let’s look at some of the pros and cons of dating either the older or the younger lady. Having dated both much younger and much older women in my hay day I think I can shed some light on what to expect when involved with either the young hottie or the older cougar.

The Younger Hottie


–   Younger looking skin, slim youthful figure and cute, but naïve personality.

–   Looks great in a bikini on the beach.

–   Has some very sexy friends you can hang out with.

–   Prefers McDonalds as opposed to Morton’s.

–   Enjoys the morning runs you both take everyday before work.


–   Truly beautiful and sexy young women have MANY options when it comes to men.

–   Her friends may be more important than your relationship.

–   Young women tend to be party girls – can you keep up?

–   She WILL dump you for the next guy who turns her head.

–   Isn’t she still living with her parents?

The Elegant Older Woman


–   Sex with a woman who is in her forties can be excellent!

–   The business suit makes her look hot… taking it off her makes her look even better!

–   She can cook some very interesting dishes.

–   Her business contacts could help your career.

–   She lets you hang with your friends!!


–   She has an 8 year old kid… who hates you.

–   She’s starting to get that “old lady smell”.

–   She falls asleep by 8:30 every night.

–   Her two ex-husbands want to get back together with her.

–   Your starting to wish she was 20 years younger…

My experiences with both younger and older women are various with some of these relationships lasting a few weeks to a several years.

The age differences were all over the map, but if you are curious…

The youngest with the greatest age difference: She was 23 and I was 45.

Lasted Six weeks; but was a very incredible six weeks of FUN and acting like I was 25 again!

The oldest woman with the greatest age difference: She was 48 and I was 27. Lasted four months; but was a VERY interesting experience as she was an exotic Asian women whom I met when I first moved to Honolulu. Nice restaurants, sensual evenings and great conversations.

So, if you are in your mid-thirties you now have this dilemma to figure out. What lady would I prefer if I were back to being 35? Hmmm….

I would pick the…

Here’s a video on the topic: Cougar Dating! Interesting Video.


Dating older vs Younger women

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