Younger Men Dating Older Women: What You Need to be Aware of!

Younger Men Dating Older Women: What You Need to be Aware of!Older women will always desire the company of younger men. Unfortunately for these women few men will ever take an active interest in them! Why? Because most women, especially if they are from western countries, are overweight and look awful by the time they reach the age of 45! However, for that very beautiful and sexy 48 year old woman, she will have a choice of men to choose from!!

Of course keep in mind that dating an older woman does come with it some unfortunate and unattractive elements that may scare you off. (Updated: 01/02/2014)

Let’s list five of the most common issues that you will face when dating an older woman:

Number One: They get tired very easily!   Let’s say you are a 28 year old fit guy and you are dating a woman who is 49 years old.

At this age, more than likely, she is already started menopause; this means she is going through a hormone imbalance which will make her very moody and often create periods of fatigue and hot flashes…

…regardless of how sexy and fit she is.

Number Two: That old lady smell!    I can still remember back when I was 31 years old and I dated a woman who was 52. She was a fitness enthusiast, and exceptionally beautiful and sexy for her age. But… she had that old lady smell!

There was no getting around it, she smelled like an older person. Needless to say, I did not stay with her for very long. But the sex was great for the first couple months… but that smell, I just could not get it out of my head.

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Number Three: They gain weight fast, very fast!    As we all get older we all gain weight just as part of the human condition. Women, just like men, gain weight once they get over the age of 40.

They put the weight on mostly in their ass and legs which often means cellulite and very flabby arms. So if you start dating a woman who is 42 and you stay with her for number of years, by the time she reaches 50, she will start to become very unappealing to you! Trust me on this!!

[easyazon-image align=”right” asin=”1590770277″ locale=”us” height=”300″ src=”” width=”200″]Number Four: They become very possessive!    That’s right, when a woman gets older, and she starts to lose her overall attractiveness… and she happens to dating a much younger and very physically appealing man, she will start to become very possessive for fear of losing him.

If you are that young guy and you’re dating a 47 year old woman she will likely never have another opportunity to meet such a guy as yourself ever again. That’s when she will hang on to you for dear life for as long as she can! Yikes!!

Number Five: Interfering family members!    That’s right there will always, and I mean always(!) be interfering family members that will not approve of your relationship because you are such a younger man in comparison to her age.

It will be an Ex-husband… or an adult child… or her elderly mother!! So get ready for these folks to step in and play an important role in your eventual breakup! This will happen, so count on it.

In Closing…

Younger men dating older women is not as common as many people think. Mostly for the very clear reason that older women are very unappealing nowadays as most are overweight, with many even being obese!

But, the very few who are still sexy and attractive and take care themselves… well that’s a different story! If you can snag one of these very attractive older women get ready for a very interesting and eventful relationship… for however long it does last.


article: Younger Men Dating Older Women: What You Need to be Aware of!

Updated: 01/02/2014  (January 2, 2014)

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