Dating Women Who Have Kids

Dating Women Who Have KidsI am sure at some point you have dated a woman who has a kid. If you are over the age of 25 it would be pretty hard not to these days. If you have never dated a “mom” then let me shed some light on some things to be aware of before jumping into this particular dating dynamic.

There are three types of “moms” you will encounter. Depending on the type will dictate if a relationship with her may work out or not. Let’s take a closer look.

Type ONE: The woman with a newborn or infant.   Dating a woman who has a very young child can be extremely challenging. Tending to a young infant is very time consuming and limits a relationship with the fact the child must always be cared for.

With the infant not being yours it may be a stretch to really be accepting of the child and be ok with tailoring your relationship with this particular lady around her kid. Forget nice dinners out. Forget not helping take care of this infant… some other guys infant! And forget that a crying baby drives you crazy.

Type TWO: The woman who has an elementary school aged kid.   Having dated many women with kids over the years this is probably the most enjoyable of the three. In this instance there is a likelihood you will bond with this child which could really enhance your relationship with the mom.

On several occasions when the relationship with the mom ended I found it difficult to not see the child again as over time it became very easy and enjoyable to bond with a six year old.

Quite often the friendship you strike with a young child can be very satisfying and rewarding… and can often make you stay in a relationship with the mom longer than you normally would have.

Type THREE: Woman who have teenagers.   This scenario can be a mixed bag. Sometimes the teen can be very easy to get along with; and other times they can be a true nightmare. On several occasions I dated women who had teen age kids and most times the teens were polite but wishing their mom was not dating anyone.

During one relationship a teenage daughter would report to the Mom’s ex everything she and I would be doing as a couple. This teenage girl seemed to want us t0 breakup so her mom could get back with her father. When this became fairly obvious the relationship I had with the mother started to become strained… and eventually I just ended the relationship.

In Closing…

If possible stay away from women who have kids. This type of relationship comes with a lot of baggage that YOU will be expected to carry. No matter how attractive the lady is try to focus on someone who does not have kids. You will thank me later for this piece of advice! Trust me.

article: Dating Women Who Have Kids

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