Decline of the American Male: the Fat & Lazy American Guy

Decline of the American Male: the Fat & Lazy American GuyJust a quick observation on the status of men here in the USA of which I am coming to a very obvious conclusion we are quickly becoming a country of weak and needy men. With obesity becoming epidemic, more men on the welfare roles and gang activity amongst our young men ever increasing it is no wonder very beautiful women prefer to stay single!

Back in the late 1980’s and early 1990’s there was a fitness craze that was very evident by just a quick observation of people running or playing sports all around where one would live.

For example, back in 1989 I used to run 3 to 5 miles a day after work at the famous Ala Moana beach park.

I would arrive at 5:30, run for an hour and head home.

Upon my arrival there would be hundreds of people running the same course I would run.

Hundreds!! Jump forward to today, 2013. As I get out of my car at 5:30 to do my cardio walking (no running due to bad knees) I and about five other people are doing some sort of cardio at the park. Five!!!!

The tennis courts, back in 1989, would have several groups waiting to play at this time; and today, 2013, the courts are half empty! The softball diamond down the road used to have late night games every night back in ’89! Now, maybe once a week there is a game being played!

Where once the lone fat guy in any group of men was to be expected, but now it is the lone fit guy. I can remember well that at one time you had to ask for the “Supersize” at McDonalds, and now all the portions are larger and thus contain more calories!

Decline of the American Male: the Fat & Lazy American GuyHowever, there is some good news here. This change in the American male can work in your favor. You see, this is where you can step up your game to be the lone fit guy.

To be the guy who has the six pack abs and confidence to go along with them. You WILL standout because your friends will have beer bellies and cellulite despite being only 32 years old men.

For the guy whop takes pride in his physique and appearance this is where you can be the guy women notice! Most men will be “milk toast” and uninteresting to women, and you are there to offer an alternative to them!

With most men today, 2013, being chunky and unhealthy looking, it can be very easy to shine and rise above all the other men! Get fit. Get very fit!! And you will now be the exception to all those other pathetic American men!

Now get your ass in the gym!


article: Decline of the American Male: the Fat & Lazy American Guy

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