Definition of a Alpha Male

Definition of a Alpha MaleSo what defines an Alpha Male? If you could describe your self would you be describing an Alpha Male, or would you be more on the beta side? Let’s take a look at some of the more common characteristics of an Alpha Male!

Her are four very identifiable characteristics of an Alpha Male. While reviewing these, reflect if any of these characteristics are present in your personality or lifestyle.

Confident & Self-Assured

This goes without saying: all Alpha Males are confident.

Very little intimidates them as they have many life experiences to draw upon to “engage with confidence” any set of circumstances they should encounter.

Normally these type of guys are natural leaders and have an non-arrogant way about them that appeals to most people.


We’ll define successful in terms of career here. If you look at a guy who you would define as an alpha male more than likely he will be a very accomplished business leader.

Even more so, he will be an entrepreneur who has faced adversity and risk in his pursuit to grow his own company.

Update: January 3, 2014 (Definition of a Alpha Male)

His ability to rely solely on his own abilities to become financially successful is a true trademark of an Alpha Male!


Despite being very confident and capable the alpha male is a compassionate guy. He takes care of his family, looks after his friends and is a pillar in his community.

He truly cares about his fellow man and takes the necessary steps to help those who seek his assistance.

Most, if not all business leaders, entrepreneurs and high level career types all get involved in their communities.

Whether be helping the homeless on Thanksgiving or sitting on Non-profit Boards.

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Very Fit

For me, to be a true Alpha Male, fitness has to be part of the picture. In picturing a successful, confident and capable leader I always think of them as being very physically fit.

Most of the high powered executive types I work with are fitness fanatics! In fact one guy rides his bike over 30 miles a day – before he hits the office!

Another guy is a bodybuilder – and he is 58 years old. Both of these guys own their own businesses and are extremely successful!

Are you an Alpha Male? If not then what steps do you need to take to become this type of male?

Not sure you want to be an Alpha Male? It’s too much work and hassle, you say? Think again!

Why? Truly beautiful women date alpha men. They do not have relationships with beta males!

Now that’s something to think about!

Here’s a video on Alpha Male Traits that’s worth Watching.  Enjoy the video!


article: Definition of a Alpha Male

Updated: 01/03/2014

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