Do women like fat men?

Do women like fat menDo women like fat men? What a strange question, if it were asked 20 or 30 years ago. Today, 2013, the answer to this question is a little less straight forward. Why, you ask? Just take a quick look around you and you should have your answer!

Back in 1979 when I was a teen very rarely did you come across a very obese person. As a matter of fact in my class of 300 students there were possibly five, maybe six truly fat guys! That’s it!

In today’s society you would be very hard pressed to find a very fit and in shape guy in a high school class where the vast majority of male students are either overweight to very fat!

And it is not just the men but the ladies as well. We Americans will be a very out-of-shape society in the next few short years with an estimated 70% of all Americans being overweight. That is very sad!!!

Do women like fat men? I truly do not think so. But, if the vast majority of men are overweight, the selection of thin and fit men is ever decreasing!

So the choice that women have in the quality of men, regarding their weight and physical condition, is slanting more towards the fat male.

So if you are fat, overweight or even morbidly obese you do have a better chance to meet women today than in any other time in history. I truly think that is pathetic!

However if you are the guy who takes care of his body, has worked hard to build a solid chest with six pack ABS then the world is your oyster!

Over the coming years there will be few of you due to scarcity – and with scarcity comes the higher demand for the male with the chiseled physique.

Be the fit guy! Be the fit guy and you will have your choice of women!

Do women like fat men?  No!  But what choice do they have?

Here is in short video answering the question of “do women like fat men”. Enjoy the video.


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