Do Women Prefer Scruff or Clean Shaven Men?

Do Women Prefer Scruff or Clean Shaven MenWhen considering whether women prefer scruff or clean-shaven men, reflect on the nursery rhyme: “Some like it hot; some like it cold; some like it in the pot for nine days old.”  This equates to the saying, “To each his own;” only this time, it’s her.

The fact is that no two people are exactly the same, which means that what appeals to one woman may not appeal to another.  So, while one female may be attracted to a man who has that scruffy look, another may be drawn to a smoother-looking appearance.  However, there are some general qualities and attributes on which most women tend to agree.

First of all, let us look at a scruff man.  He is unshaven, nicely groomed from head to toe and handsome.

He is also sporting the finest fashion in clothing and jewelry.

Don’t overlook the fact that he is driving the latest model of an expensive automobile.

On a first date, however, this fine-looking catch of a man, at least so his date thought, is a disappointment to her expectation.

He did not open the vehicle door, nor the restaurant’s, for her.  He is a poor conversationalist, has a shallow brain and no sense of humor.  By the way, his date is with a lady who adores a scruff man.

Now, let’s take a look at the clean-shaven man.  For the sake of argument and being unbiased, this guy has the exact qualities of the scruff man because, after all, this lady has great taste for style.  She also enjoys the finer things in life.  Only, she discovers that the attitude of her date is another story.  This guy is the exact opposite of her regularly-admired type.

Both analogies above can be switched to include the opposite category of men for the opposite preference of any lady.  There is a good chance that most women would prefer quality attributes over appearance.  Qualities may include being a good listener and conversationalist, having a sense of humor, and exhibiting acts of kindness and gentleness.

While physical appearance and sex appeal are important, they should not be overrated to trivialize a woman’s higher-thinking capacity.  Most women want a man who can fulfill their emotional, intellectual, spiritual and physical needs.

As the saying, goes, “Beauty is only skin deep.”  The man who meets a woman on her level even if he doesn’t have the facial preference, can make the adjustment later, if they both agree to do so.  Meanwhile, his focus should be about being himself.

Here’s a video on this very topic!  Enjoy the video!


article: Do Women Prefer Scruff or Clean Shaven Men?

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