Do you find talking to women difficult?

talking to womenIn this article we solve your problem of: Do you find talking to women difficult? If you are like most men you will find talking to any attractive girl to be a very challenging task to undertake. The primary reason for this is your lack of confidence resulting in low self-esteem –very common for most men especially if you are under the age of 30.

Here is one trick to help you be able to approach and start a conversation with any woman in almost any situation. Here is that trick to help you conquer your fear of talking to women:

Become an actor! That’s right, become an actor. When you see a woman you would like to approach and talk to you are no longer shy and boring “John Smith” but are now Stan Studley, the confident and self-assured guy who just stepped into your shoes. You just left John Smith behind for a brief period of time and you are now someone entirely different!

By pretending to be a strong and self-confident person, almost like an alter ego, you will find it much easier approaching women as it is not you who are approaching these women but your alter ego, Stan Studley! And…. Mr. Stan Studley is very confident, successful and not afraid of the ladies!

You become Studley for the entire 5 minute conversation with this beautiful young lady until you either have a phone number or the conversation ends – for whatever reason.

I used this strategy to overcome my fear of talking two women with a great deal of success. By pretending to be the person I wanted to be I very quickly became that very person! Give this a try and you may find it very helpful with your efforts to overcome your fear of talking to women!

Good luck!

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