Do You Need to Lie About Yourself to Attract Women?

Do You Need to Lie About Yourself to Attract WomenSome men feel they need to be someone different from themselves whenever they approach an attractive lady. For some reason they feel that being the person they are is going to get them rejected by the woman, thus they misinform the woman about certain aspects of their life.

I once had a friend who would tell women he was in medical school when in fact he was studying liberal arts in college.

His rationale was that by telling these types of white lies greatly enhanced his chance of hooking up with sexy ladies.

Did this work?

Apparently so, as he always had very sexy ladies staying with him at his apartment all the time.

Of course many years have gone by and now he is… a mailman??!

And, his current wife is… less than appealing.

Another friend of mine used to tell women he was 35 when in fact he was 48. He did look to be in his early forties so the lie worked most of the time. With the exception of one time where he had a longer than usual relationship when his birthday rolled around.

He had a tough time explaining why he was getting birthday cards from friends and relatives with an age that showed more than 15 years than what she believed him to be.

Needless to say she dumped him over that which left him devastated and depressed for a fairly lengthy period of time.

My advice: Instead of being the guy you wish to be and telling women you are, when in fact you are not, work on actually being that guy! Become that guy. Really, become that guy.

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If you tell women you are a firefighter, you better be a real firefighter. If you tell a woman you want to date you are a pilot, then you better be a real pilot!

If you are not the person you lie to women about, then when discovered, you will look “lame, pathetic and weak”!

You do not need to lie to women in order to attract them. You must be proud of who you are in order to be appealing to anyone! You lie, you will lose!

Do you need to Lie about yourself to attract women? The answer is NO!

Here is a video on the topic I think you will find interesting. Enjoy the video.


article: Do You Need to Lie About Yourself to Attract Women?

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