Do you wear too much cologne?

Do you wear too much cologneI ask this as every once in a while I come across a guy who seems to not notice the amount of cologne he is wearing may actually be a problem for the people around him… not to mention the women he may be interested in!

For some reason I have also noticed that many women seem to have extra sensitive sense of smell. My wife is one of these women where she can smell an onion wrapped in Saran Wrap in the fridge from outside our apartment door! Go figure.

Whenever I do put on cologne, or aftershave, no matter how small the amount the application is, my wife gets all freaky on me and starts to claim she is getting a headache from the “smell”!

This is not the first woman I have encountered this “sensitive sense of smell” with either.

If you do wear cologne there is a very significant chance you are applying too much and may be turning the women off instead of turning them on.

One way to find out if you are applying too much cologne is to ask a lady friend (or two) if the amount of cologne you just applied is to noticeable.

If they say it is too much… like they can smell you five minutes before you enter a room… then you know you have a problem.

Not that wearing cologne is bad, just wearing too much is bad.

Also, your selection of cologne may be questionable as a guy who wears “low cost” colognes usually means he is a cheap guy to any woman who this guy may encounter. For every guy who wears Brute Cologne there are probably five women who think he stinks!

Perfume on a woman is a different story as often I find a woman who wears perfume to be very erotic… unless she is a grandma who smells like “old lady bath soaps”!

Here’s a video that talks about how to apply men’s cologne. Not sure if I agree with his methods but still very informative! Enjoy the video!


article: Do you wear too much cologne?

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